Self Doubt & Canine Cleanliness...

dogBy David Thompson

Even after 6 years as a professional and 60 career wins, I still have my doubts sometimes about my ability. Going into the Rev 3 race (June 6), I was uncertain if I would be able to produce a good result with such a quality field...READ

(Photo: DKT giving his dog Henry, who has a totally cool Mohawk!, a bath. Contrary to the title of this post, this picture has nothing to do with anything.)

Fantastic Frontal Fontanelle...

Baby JulianThis photo of Julian Craig Swarthout, a seven pounder who was born on June 3, clearly shows

Too Cool Stuff...

marioSuper Mario Minelli (photo) sent us a link to a totally cool story on his blogsite. Be aware that in jj casualsaddition to Delusions of Grandeur, MM is a raving Conspiracy Paranoia-iac. That's okay with us. He believes he has irrefutable proof that triathlete Sam Janicki IS comic Andy Samberg. We totally agree!

Check this out:

"So the Vibram FiveFinger (VFF)

Jenny's Pleasant Surprise...

Ed. - In her very first triathlon, former UM swim star Jenny Shaughnessy (photo) 23, of Minneapolis by-way-of Rochester, blew away the women's course record at Buffalo Sprint last Sunday. We asked her to comment on her experience. And check out her amazing collegiate career - LINK.

Jenny divingAs a first-timer out on the Buffalo course this past weekend, I discovered why so many athletes become hooked on this sport. Whether it


Here are three former collegiate athletes who are first-year triathletes. All appear to have star potential.

danDaniel Hedgecock, 23, Minneapolis

Ran Track & Cross Country at the University of Missouri

2010 Tri Resume:

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