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Trinona Stats...


TRINONA PREVIEW - The 12th edition of this classic event will be staged next weekend at it's ususal venue in Winona. We encourage you to sign up, if you haven't done so already. This is a special experience, one that is not to be missed.

Trinona's courses are as beautiful as they are challenging, and by challenging, we mean hilly. Of the eighteen sub-2-hour men's times on the Olympic-distance course, 12 have been set by pros. Only 13 women have cracked 2:20, and only one had dipped under 2:10, though only be seconds. You'll note that all of times we're talking about were turned in by national and world-class athletes.

Today, we are sharing some Trinona stats, starting with those performances mentioned earlier. We are also posting the Olympic Age Group records and the fastest times in the companion Sprint race.

Olympic - Sub – 2 Hr. Men

1. David Thompson (P) - 1:52:45 (2011) - Photo Below R

2. David Thompson (P) - 1:53:03 (2010)
3. David Thompson (P) - 1:53:54 (2012)
4. David Thompson (P) - 1:54:26 (2013)
5. David Thompson (P) - 1:54:58 (2014) ...

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Buffalo XVII Preview...


BUFFALO TRIATHLON PREVIEW - The 17th edition of the Buffalo Triathlon will take place at scenic Sturges Park on the eastern shoreline of Buffalo Lake next Sunday. Weather Underground forecasts favorable conditions and an early look at the registration list tells us that,once again, Buffalo will be one of the most competitive races of the season. Let's talk about that, starting with the Olympic event....

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USA Triathlon Applauds Apple Duathlon!




By Chelsea Montes (usatriathlon.org)

For decades, the Sartell Apple Duathlon has established a legacy of enriching the lives of people by helping them get active, stay healthy and grow together as a community through biking and running.  

Located in Sartell, Minnesota, the duathlon is the oldest-standing duathlon in the U.S. as this year celebrates its 40th anniversary.  

The race was founded in 1983 as a run-only event as a part of a program through the local hospital aimed at improving heart health. Biking was added in 1985 and was originally called a biathlon. Today, the event has adopted the run-bike-run format, featuring a 5-kilometer run, 33k bike, 5k run and welcomes over 500 athletes. 

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2022 Sartell Apple Duathlon Preview - Part II...


2022 SARTELL APPLE DUATHLON PREVIEW - Part II - As promised, here are the current Age Group records of the 40-year-old Sartell Apple Duathlon:

0019  - Nick Klonne - 1:30:52 – 2015 - (2015 Minnesota Junior of the Year)
Amy Briscoe (Winnipeg, MAN, CAN) -  1:42:03 – 2004 - (A top Canadian Junior, Raced as an ITU pro & is a professional cyclist)

4044 - Peter Skorseth - (WI) - 1:23:56 – 2005 - (Former track & XC star at Marquette University, Minnesota Master Athlete of the Year and Most Improved in 2005)
Becky Youngberg - 1:35:43 - 2019 - (Former Minnesota Triathlete of the Year, 2x Minnesota Master of th Year, 2019 Minnesota Duathlete of the Year, 2004 Most Improved)

4549 - Kevin O'Connor - 1:27:38 – 2016 (Former US National Master Duathlete of the Year)
Jan Guenther - 1:37:58 – 2006 (Former US National Master Duathlon Champion, 3x Minnesota Triathlete of the Year, winner of an unprecedented 19 Minnesota Multisport Awards)

5054 - Andy Ames (CO)  - 1:29:24 – 2013 (Multiple Duathlon Nationals AG wins, former US Masters Duathlete of the Year, Duathlon Worlds Medalist)
Jan Guenther  - 1:40:21 – 2009...

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2022 Apple Preview - Part I...


applelaunch.jpgSARTELL APPLE DUATHLON PREVIEW - Part I - The historic 40th edition of America's oldest ongoing run-bike-run is happening next Saturday (May 21 - 5K on May 20). To honor this iconic event, we are sharing some competitive history. Here are the Top 10 fastest times for men and women on Apple's challenging 5K - 33K - 5K course. Note that every male athlete listed is a former National Duathlon Champion and/or US Duathlete of the Year, and four of six women in the Top 10 have similar credentials.


1. Ryan Giuilano, IL - 1:19:46 – 2019 – AMCR  - ( Former US Duathlete of the Year, multiple podium finishes at Du Nationals))
2. David Thompson (P) -  1:19:57 – 2010 - PCR - (Former US Ekite National Champion, Elite Duathlete of the Year, multiple Powerman Alabama wins)
3. Matt Payne  - 1:20:45 – 2015 (2x Duathlon National Champion; Former US Amateur Duathlete of the Year)
4. David Thompson (P) - 1:20:52 – 2007
5. David Thompson (P) - 1:20:54 – 2009 ...

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Cinco is Back!



CINCO DU MAYO PREVIEW - After a three-year hiatus, the Cinco Du Mayo Du is returning to the calendar on May 7 . Staged at Square Lake, which is one of our state's premier racing venues, this event will consist of a newly designed Standard Distance Sprint course (5K - 30K - 5K) race only. (The prior Sprint was 2 -10 - 2.) In year's past, Cinco had also featured a Long Course race (3 - 20 - 3), though that race has been dropped as the post-pandemic multisport world works to rebuild its participant base. The sprint race is a wonderful test for athletes of all performance and fitness levels, but is especially welcoming for newbies.

Had a Long Course race been included, this year would mark its 13th edition. The "old" Sprint had a ten year run. The new race is just that: new. And improved, too. (It's using the popular Square Lake Triathlon's run and bike courses.) So check out the inaugural edition of the "new" Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon on May 7.

MTN pays close attention to the performance histories of Minnesota's multisport races. Here are the top performances turned in at Cinco in both the Sprint and Long Course races leading up to this year's event:  ...

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