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Green Lake XVII - Preview...



GREEN LAKE TRIATHLON PREVIEW - Graniteman Big Lake is in the books. Next Stop is the 17th edition of the Green Lake Sprint and 14th annual Green Lake Olympic on Sunday, August 9. Dan and his crew put on an awesome event at one of our state's most beautiful venues. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. If you haven't enrolled yet, please do so at your earliest opportunity. You'll be glad you did.

Today we are talking about a few of the credentialed athletes who are already on GL's registration list. Please note that we received this list last week, thus it is likely that several additional competitve athletes have signed up.

Also, since the list we saw did not indicate which race the athletes are doing, our comments will be general....

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Big Lake Preview III - The Women...Updated...



GRANITEMAN BIG LAKE PREVIEW #3 - Today we are discussing the female frontrunners based on a list we saw more than a week ago. We suspect that other contenders have either enrolled or will do so before the first wave is launched on August 1.

Here are five athletes who we believe will vy for spots on the women's podium:

JENNA HORNER, 22 (photo L) – If Myer's COVID recovery takes her out of contention for the win on August 1, then we believe that Horner and Kristina Swenson will fight over the Top Step. Jenna improved significantly in the last half of the 2019 season wherein she was able to nip Swenson by one second at Sprint Nationals, and by a substantial margin at Olympic Nationals. Swenson, however, beat her in their prior confrontation at High Cliff Olympic in 2018. Horner's bike and run creds are superior to Swenson's, but Kristina has a large advantage in the water. She'll need a big lead in the first leg to hold off Horner. In the end, though, we think that Jenna will collect her first tri victory on Minnesota soil....

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The Lead Pack: Men


Photo - David Koppel and Josh Mork

GRANITEMAN BIG LAKE SPRINT PREVIEW II - The men's field at this year's race is deepr than ever. Cracking the Top 5 will be easier said than done. Here, based on the list we saw last week, are the guys who we believe have the best chance to do so:

JOE ADRIAENS, 30 – Joe began tp break out in 2017 and enjoyed two straight successful years. During that period, he climbed onto three podiums and popped a sub-9-hour IM. He has yet to record his first multisport win, and seems to prefer longer races. A Top 5 against a strong field, which features several guys with great sprint credentials, won't be easy, but he just might get it done....

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Age Group Records in Jeopardy at Big Lake...



GRANITEMAN BIG LAKE SPRINT X PREVIEW - We've been anxious to post race previews for months, and we're happy that we can do so now.

Today we are making some Age Group predictions for the 10th Big Lake Sprint, which is happening on August 1. We were afforded a peek at the registration list last week and were impressed with the numbers of enrollees (250ish) and the depth of the field. Yes, some of what we are posting today will be upeneded by later sign-ups, but the point of these previews is not to make intractable predictions, but to hopefully stimulate some interest and discussion. We are wrong a lot, and we are totally good with that.

Before we begin, we will say that we expect, despite the "rust" factor, that several AG records will be rewritten.

So, let's start with the 19-and-unders:

19U BOYS - 2019 Junior of the Year KYLE SWENSON, 18, is enrolled and is our clear favorite. Can he take down TYLER HECHT's stout 2012 junior CR (1:06:54)? He threw down four records in five Minnesota starts last year, so yes, we think he'll set a new record....

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Big Lake Sprint - Historical Stuff


GRANITEMAN BIG LAKE SPRINT PREVIEW - Kicking off the official, albeit abbreviated, 2020 Minnesota Multisport season is G-Man Big Lake Sprint on August 1. Have you registered yet? (LINK)

Time passes quickly when you're having fun. Though his awesome event has the look, feel and new car smell of a newish race, it will actually be celebrating its 10th anniversary two Saturdays from now.

Today we are sharing a bit of race history, starting with a listing of past champions, and their times:


2019 - BRIAN STORHAUG – 1:06:07 & TAYLOR LUNDQUIST – 1:14:24 (photo on page 2)
2018 - BRIAN STORHAUG – 1:09:56 & EMILY GAGE – 1:17:23
2017 - JOSH MORK – 1:03:44 & TAYLOR LUNDQUIST – 1:14:35
2016 - WADE CRUSER – 1:01:49 & JEN NEUMAN – 1:14:49
2014 - STEVE SANDER – 1:03:12 & LISA WACEK – 1:12:20
2013 - JEFF GREBNER – 1:02:39 & JAMIE HEYING – 1:09:17
2012 - MARCUS STROMBERG – 1:01:48 & DIANE HANKEE – 1:10:31
2011 - TROY ANDERSON – 1:04:07 & BECKY YOUNGBERG – 1:06:28

Here are the Top 5 fastest men's and women's times: ...

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Minnesota's 2020 Tri Season! It's Really Happening!


The 2020 Minnesota Multisport season is going to happen, and SOON, and we hope you are as stoked as we are. Starting with GRANITEMAN BIG LAKE Sprint Triathlon on the first, five of our state's annual races, not counting a few pop-ups, i.e. cool unofficial events put together by groups of friends, and a Virtual or two, are scheduled for the month of August.

They are:

- Saturday, August 1 - BIG LAKE SPRINT TRIATHLON - Info & Registration

- Sunday, August 9 - GREEN LAKE TRIATHLON - Info & Registration

- Saturday, August 15 - YOUNG LIFE SPRINT TRIATHLON - Info & Registration...

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