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2023 Sprint Nationals Comments...


SPRINT NATIONALS PREVIEW - We are anxious to see how some one-on-one battles turn out this year. In the boys junior competition, 2022 JOY NOAH BILLINGS  wiill be taking on another talented Noah, NOAH MAHONEY. Billings is an avid racer, thus has the experiential advantage... 

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Olympic Nationals Predictions...



Minnesota Women - Here are the Minnesota women we believe will distinguish themselves in the overall results at Olympic Nationals in Milwaukee next weekend:

ELENA HENGEL, 27 (photo L) - Elena has one win and three 2nds this season, and all three runner-up efforts were behind Heather Lendway, who goes into Nationals as a favorite to win or podium. We think Elena, who has made her mark regionally over the last two seasons, will hold her own against the best in the US. We believe a Top 10-15 overall finish for her is possible.

HEATHER LENDWAY, 39 - Heather won back-to-back National Championships in 2013 and 2014, both in MIlwaukee. Her times--2:05:06 and 2:05:37--are not only the fastest women's clockings in the five years that Milwaukee has hosted Nationals, but are most likely the fastest times for women at any Nationals in this Millennium (with former Olympian Susan Williams' 2:06:02 in 2011 a close second.). Can Heather win her third title? Of course she can, but a conservative prediction would be a Top 3.

MAGGIE SWANSON, 28 - Maggie is certainly capable of cracking the women's' overall Top 10 if she is healthy, but she has been out for most of the 2023 season. We are anxious to see how she fares...

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2023 Chisago Preview...Updated *!


2023 CHISAGO PREVIEW - Below are some of the elite amateur triathletes that have enrolled in Sunday's races, which are celebrating their 17th anniversary.

DAN ARLANDSON, 47 (70.3) - Dan was first Master at both Des Moines and Gulf Coast 70.3s this season. A consist 4:20 performer at the half IM distance.

SEAN COOLEY, 38 (70.3) (Photo) - Winner of six halves in his tri career, he won the 2017 version of this race in 4:06:52 (non wetsuit).

MAGGIE FOURNIER,  48, WI (70,3) - Chisago PR of 4:42:39. Two time podium finisher here.

JAN GUENTHER, 64 (70.3) - Owner of two AG records at Chisago. She's undefeated in age group competition this tear. No surprise there.

BETH HASSLER, 67 (70.3) - Two-time Ironman Wisconsin AG winner. Could set a 656-W record. in Sunday.

* CARYN HERRICK, 33 (70.3) - Last year's runner-up is this year's favorite to win the women's title. She coming off a PR effort at Door County, where she threw down a 4:37:47.

DAVID KOPPEL,  37 (70.3) - A half IM PR of 4:14:10, David finished 2nd @ Tulsa 70.3 earlier this season.

BRANDON LEE, 42 (70.3) - Vastly improved in 2023, Brandon has an AG win at Des Moines this year, and a silver at Chattanooga....

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Strong Women's Field to Compete at Tri West...


TRI WEST SPRINT PREVIEW Part II - The strong women's field has already been assembled for next Sunday's Tri West, and additional credentialed athletes should be added this week. Based on the list received last week, here are some of the women to watch:

JAN GUENTHER, 63 (Photo) - Olympic - Three starts in 2023 with three wins to show for it. Our clear favorite to outrace all women over age 50.

HELEN GUNTHER, 65 - Sprint - AG winner at Lake Minnetonka, Helen is our pic to win the 65-69W age group in the Sprint.

ELENA HENGEL, 27 - Olympic - The only woman to beat Elena this year is two-time National Champion Heather Lendway. Heather is unable to race on Sunday, thus Elena, who won last year's Tri West Sprint, becomes the woman to beat.

MACY IYER, 19 - Sprint - A former Junior of the Year, if Macy races like she did at Buffalo Sprint last month, she should finish in the Top 3. 

ANDREA MYERS, 46 - Olympic -A five-time Master of the Year, Andrea should be the fastest female 40-plusser on Sunday and could crack the women's overall Top 5. ...

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Tri West Preview - Part I - The Men...


TRI WEST PREVIEW - This is the first of two Tri West preview posts. This one discusses the men who are likely to fare well. The next one deals with the women's field. Note that the list of entrants we are using is over a week old, and more talented triathletes will most certainly enroll between now and race day (July 23). We plan to update information as it comes to us. We'll do so in the MTN posts and on MTN's Facebook page. 


JOE ADRIAENS- Olympic - Two podiums in two starts this season. He could land on the Top Step next weekend.

SAMEUL HAUCK - Olympic - His 3rd at Lake Minnetonka tell us that he should race at the front next Sunday.

CHUCK HENGEL, 59 - Sprint - Undefeated in his AG in three statrs in 2023. He's our pick to win the 55-59M.

BRETT LOVAAS - Sprint - He won last year's sprint race....

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Meet the Fargo-Moorhead Tri Club...


By Mike Combs

Local triathlon clubs are great for the triathlon community and are a wonderful way for athletes to train together. When you go to a triathlon in Minnesota, you see athletes with tri club attire from so many different clubs. Tri West Triathlon is going to highlight the many great clubs around our great state, along with hosting the first annual Minnesota Triathlon Club Championship. Between now and Tri West, there will be articles from interviews from different triathlon clubs....

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