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2019 Most Improved Men....


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - There are several guys who have yet to earn a spot on Team Minnesota, but are vying for spots this year. We suspect that two or more of the guys we are profiling here will make the 2019 Team, but only one of the them will receive the "MOST IMPROVED" designation.

Four men from the following list will receive official MI nominations. Here, in alpha order, are those men and their 2019 racing highlights:


JACOB KEEHAN, 30, Maple Grove

2019 Highlights:

3rd @ Gear West Duathlon

4th @ Minneapolis Triathlon

5th @ Lake Minnetonka

11th amateur @ Ironman Wisconsin - 9:33:07

COMMENT: What impressed us most about Jacob was his race selection. He chose our region's most competitive races, and raced admirably against established elites.

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Triathletes Need to Eat A LOT!


By Hanna Grinaker (thefitspace.com)

As a dietitian, and triathlete, I get asked what I eat in a day, A LOT. I think most people assume that because I went to school for nutrition and am highly active, I must eat perfectly. I wish I could say that were the truth but it is most definitely not. Like anyone, I can sometimes eat too much (or not enough), choose the wrong snacks at the wrong time (that don’t energize and/or satiate me), and forget to drink water. And believe me, I have done all of these, and I will do them again. And again. However, I can’t get away with these seemingly small mistakes as much as I used to. Now, if I am not fueled well or hydrated enough, my workouts suffer massively. And when I am asking my body to show up for me day after day, I can’t afford to get behind.

Even after a solid 20+ year athletic career, I am still learning what works best for me. As a former runner, I remember very clearly focusing on what I could remove from my diet, rather than add, to get faster. Leanness was the goal. I didn’t strive for thinness for the sake of vanity, although there might have been some of that, but I thought you had to be thin to be fast. That belief created some pretty negative eating...

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Minnesota's Last Tri of the Season...


ONE LAST TRI - For most Minnesota triathletes, the 2019 season has concluded. For others, training continues in preparation for Kona or Ironman races in Tempe or Panama City. Others have their sights set on upcoming 70.3 events, like Augusta, Cozumel or Tempe.

There are others, however, that are not ready to retire the wetsuit and racing wheels until next year, and are hungry for at least one more close-to-home race.

The good news is that there is one more triathlon (and one more du after that) on the Minnesota schedule. It is appropriately named One Last Tri, and it's 14th edition is happening this Sunday at Ramsey County Beach on the northern shoreline of majestic White Bear Lake.

The event features Olympic-esque and Sprint races, with an Aquabike option as well.

Typically, we would mention some of the athletes that will be racing, but we haven't seen an entrant list. We do expect hometown folks like "LEVEL 7" TOM COUILLARD, ever-smiling MICHEL SANDERS and likely Grand Master of the Year nominee LUKE HARNED to be there. 

And DANI VSETECKA, winner of eleven of the 18 multis she's done in her elite career, including the OLT in 2016, told us that she was entered, thus we know one of the favorites.

We wouldn't be surprised in Dani's fiance, rookie pro TED TREISE (pronounced "Try -See") also decides to race....

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Square Lake & IMOO Notes...



SQUARE LAKE WEEKEND PREVIEW (Sort of) – The Square Lake Short Course Triathlon will celebrate its 20th anniversary next Sunday. The Square Long Course race, now a full 70.3, will turn 19 on Saturday.

We have not seen an entrant list for the shorter race, thus we cannot comment on the competition.

We haven't seen a list of 70.3 participants either, but we know that three of state's true elites will be competing, two of which—JOSH MORK (photo) and KORTNEY HAAG--are coming off huge victories at Chisago, and the other –BECKY YOUNGBERG—has been the runner-up at Chisago the last two years.

Josh's breakout 4:09:52 back on July 28 puts a target on his back. Though he probably won't be able to match that time on Square Lake's seriously challenge course, he can be expected to beat last year's winning time, JESSON KEENE's 4:22:21. But, by how much? We predict a 7-10 minute lowering.

Becky had this to say, via Messenger, about her match-up with Kortney:

“...to beat her she needs to swim bad and I need to have a great day in all 3 disciplines 'cause I can’t match her on the bike, and 56 miles is a long way. If it’s cool weather I race really good though! Should be a good one. We have had some epic battles over the years!

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Hopkins Stuff...


HOPKINS ROYAL TRIATHLON - DOOBIE KURUS' vision for his Hopkins Royal Triathlon is not simply to produce a first-class sustainable event, but to use his event to promote all of Minnesota's triathlons (and duathlons, and now, Open Water Swim Challenges). In other words, he wants ALL of Minnesota's races to thrive, not just his own, which is truly a model for "thrive-liness."

The HoRT ALWAYs fills early, and has been nominated for Race of the Year in each of it's first five years, winning twice and never placing lower than 3rd in the polling.

Kurus' event is "open-armed," not just to paricipants, with special love for newbies and recreational athletes, but to all of the directors of Minnesota's tris and dus. They are encouraged to set up tents and tables on-site and promote their races. There is no charge for this. And the more races that accept Doobie's invitation, the happier he is...

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2019 Maple Grove Triathlon: Anticipation...


MAPLE GROVE TRIATHLON PREVIEW - COACH KRIS sent us a copy of his event's entrant list last week. Even knowing that the field would swell significantly between then and race day, plus knowing that, historically, many extremely competitive athletes are later sign-ups, we became very excitied by what we saw....

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