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Minnesotans Break Out

Gabbe KellerAlcatraz Escape - Port-a-let, Meals and More

Perfect weather conditions greeted me and the other brave souls attempting to escape from Alcatraz on May 2, 2010. Chants and cheers of the

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Chad & Julie Go Off the Front...


The field was 50% larger than last year's, and vastly more competitive, too. It was a pretty day to look at--sunny, mild temps--but a tough day to race a bike. The lighter gusts were in the 25 mph range, the heavier ones, the ones that wreaked havoc on the venue's staging at times, were 30-plus. Still, two athletes managed to turn is record efforts...Several others--Joanna, Diane, Mario, Charlie, Lee and Bob to name a few, also turned in outstanding performances...

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MSU Triathlon Stuff...

Rachel Bush(Photo: Shadowy three-time winner)

By Jennifer Myers

For the third year in a row, Rachel Busch was crowned MSU Campus Recreation Triathlon Female Champion. She clocked in this year at 1:30.20, squeaking past her dad by 17 seconds.

The men's winner was Neil Schalk.

A New Star is Born...

Chain of Lakes Tri LogoGOPHER PULLS UPSET AT COLT...University of Minnesota triathlete Sam Janicki and 2009 TriMinnesota Series women's champ Brooke Larsen shared the Winners Circle at the the 8th annual Chain of Lakes Triathlon today. Cloudy, cool (4os) and extremely windy conditions prevailed, making Janicki's 55:11 ever more impressive. Only Matt Payne (2009) has gone faster on this sprint course. The 24-year-old, whose 2009 performances did little to portend his emergence, nor did his solid but unspectacular effort in Lubbock, TX at Collegiate Nationals two weeks ago, out-raced pre-race favorite Steve Sander in every discipline, beating the amiable smooth-headed Sander, who took 2nd, by 2:16. A fine 58:57 landed Ross Weinzierl on the final step of the podium.

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Duathlon Nationals: Kevin Reflects

Kevin O'ConnorKevin O'Connor placed 6th overall / 2nd 35-39M at Duathlon Nationals last weekend. The 2009 US Duathlete of the Year was not satisfied with these results, but as ever, kept smiling. He was philosophical about the experience. These are his comments:

"Du Nationals was run extremely well.And the people in VA are so very polite and nice. "Minnesota Nice" has to be retired.

"The course was as goofy as Worlds.Several turns per

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More Alcatraz Stuff...

ALCATRAZ ACCOMPLICES: DKT & Laura Sampsell Hoffman

* Part III of Escape From Alcatraz Coverage

by Darin Wieneke

Over the 29 years that Alcatraz was operated as a federal penitentiary, 36 men were involved in 14 separate unsuccessful escape attempts. One unsuccessful escape attempt was made by John Bayless while on garbage duty on September 14, 1941. While hedid make it into San Francisco Bay on that day, he gave up shortly thereafter due to the cold water.

As MTN does not want any of the brave Minnesotans competing at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon to be unsuccessful or give up, MTN has enlisted the assistance of Escape From Alcatraz veterans David Thompson (2nd Overall in 2009) and Laura Sampsell Hoffman to answer some questions from first-time Escape artists Gabbe Keller, Jen Martone, David Swanson and myself.

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