Race Coverage

Like NASCAR, Only Different...

By Darin Wieneke

If you felt the need to watch speed this past 4th of July weekend, you..should have traveled to Lake George Regional Park in Oak Grove for MinneMan. The racing was so fast and furious it would have made diehard...NASCAR fans put down their Budweisers to applaud the performances.

It was clear that records were going to fall almost immediately after Race Director Jeremy Sartain announced "3-2-1 Go!" The racers skimmed through the short and shallow .3 mile swim and seemed to be entering TI before becoming completely wet. Thaddeus Ingersoll covered the swim course in a breakneck split of 4:25. David Thompson, Devon Palmer, Kevin O'Connor, and Matthew Payne appeared closely in his rear-view mirror in the men's elite race heading into TI.

4th Eve Fireworks at Lake George...


Cathy Yndestad & Jenny Shaughnessy were two of the brightest stars in the Minneman VI galaxy...Stories & More Photos coming..RESULTS

If She Wants It...

jenny"She's gonna be good," said the shiny-crowned guy with the toilet-seat haircut to no one in particular. He was standing at the final turn that led to the finish line. Rookie triathlete Jenny Shaughnessy (photo) was about to round that last corner, her victory on the verge of officialization. Turning his fringed cranium back toward the final hill, he squinted. There on the distant crest was a running woman. It was Jan Guenther, her style unmistakable. It would be at least a minute before she would turn the final corner.

Toilet seat guy was wrong. Jenny Shaughnessy is not "gonna be



Some have wondered if the men's field depth at this year's Gear West Duathlon would be eclipsed this season. It was certainly feasible that it would not.

But it was...

Two Hoots & Orange Poop...

logoAmy Brendmoen is a hoot! Gretchen Sage-Martinson is a hoot, too!poop

They're two hoots!

For the last five years, Amy and Gretchen have thrown an annual party at beautiful, rustic YMCA Camp St. Croix south of Hudson, Wisconsin. And each time, a triathlon has broken out. Kinda like that great Rodney Dangerfield quip:

Sam's Words...

logoYesterday, rookie phenom Sam Janicki, a totally cool guy who really does look exactly like Andy Samberg, picked up his 2nd career win at North Mankato, and did so in the fastest time--58:23--the event has seen in at least a half dozen years. MTN asked him to submit a race report. He did and we think you'll enjoy it, especially if you're an English teacher. Sam's not into paragraph breaks and punctuates in interesting ways. Kids these days! - ED

By Sam Janicki

Sunday was a great day for racing at North Mankato. The wind hadn't picked up yet and the clouds were sticking around..

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