An Amazing Life...

duelLegendary marathoner and totally cool guy who likes to fish, Dick Beardsley will be the Guest Speaker at Tri Night '10 on December 4. Have you gotten your tickets yet? LINK


Dick Beardsley is referred to as a running legend in the United States, but perhaps the most amazing thing about him is his climb back to health after becoming addicted to pain medication for more than four years.

Dick is best known for his incredible race in the 1982 Boston Marathon. That race, on a very hot day, was dubbed the "Duel in the Sun" as he battled world record holder Alberto Salazar down to the finish line...

ROY Finalists...


Minnesota Multisport Awards - In alpha order, the five finalists for Triathletes Choice 2010 Race of the Year are: CROIXATHLON, MAPLE GROVE DARE TO TRI, MOSQUITOMAN DUATHLON, TRINONA and the YWCA WOMEN'S TRIATHLON....

Trail Running Stuff...

trail runningBy a Guy writing for trifuel.com

When humans first started running, it was obviously not on pavement or a treadmill, it was on a dirt path, animal trail or in an open meadow. This type of running made them stronger and more balanced, and it can do the same for you!

While training running is as natural as it gets with running, it is awkward at first. The variability of terrain such as ascents, descents, uneven ground, changing consistency, roots, rocks and narrow twists and turns provide an interesting experience! The key is to understand how your body will adapt to and appreciate these unique demands of trail running!...

Tony's In...

tonyMinnesota Multisport Awards - In 2008 the MMA Selectors adopted USAT age ranges to determine master (40-59 men, 40-54 women) and grand master (60 & over men, 55 & over women) award nominees. Prior to then, men and women age 40-49 were eligible for masters consideration and men and women 50 and over were considered grand masters.

The change has entailed that The Committee familiarize itself with age grading formulas. Failure to do so would be unfair to older athletes.

The fact that younger elite masters David Holden, 42, Scott Penticoff, 40, and Brian Bich, 44, ..

An Ambiguous Article About Smoking...

smokerBy Carson O'Genic *

The negative effects smoking has on your body is almost common knowledge in America. But people continue to start smoking and keep smoking. There must be some benefits.

Smoking is bad for you. Anyone who has watched TV or gone to health class knows this. But everyone also knows that cheeseburgers are bad for you and continue to scarf them down. The benefits of cheeseburgers are obvious: delicious, juicy, hearty taste. What are the benefits of smoking?

All you hear about all day is why you shouldn

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