Matt Checks In...

Catching up with Team Minnesota's Matt Payne, 2009 Most Improved nominee:

I made a conscious decision this season to take it a little easier in May to hopefully race better later on into the summer. I think I may have come out of the gate a little too hard last year and suffered a bit for it into July and August. I'll be going to AG nationals this year so I want to still be going strong into September.

I'll be kicking off my season on the 23rd at Albert Lea, with Buffalo and Trinona being my next two races after that. I've been checking your blog daily and seeing race results and reports coming in really has me itching to get back out there.

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Liberty and Rochesterfest Stuff

The 6th edition of the Liberty Olympic Triathlon and the 5th running of the Liberty Half, which will be staged at Lake Independence on June 12, are full. A Waiting List has been started. Those who get on this list early have an excellent chance of getting into the event.

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Great News

The purpose of Minnesota Tri News is to prosaically celebrate our vibrant multisport culture. As far as we're concerned, our dynamic and innovative scene is second to none, setting national standards in the areas of competition, community building, event and venue quality, and practitioner resources.

And speaking of resources, in a few days MTN will officially announce the establishment of a Minnesota-based system of programs that will have a revolutionary impact on the endurance lifestyle in our state. Cutting edge and first-of-a-kind, it will ultimately serve as the prototype for similarly revolutionizing national and international programs. Life is about to get even better for triathletes--and duathletes, runners, swimmers, cyclists et al--here in Minnesota and everywhere else.

We can't wait to bring you the great news!

Oakdale Preview

The 9th annual Oakdale Duathlon will be staged at Lake Elmo Park Reserve on Saturday. It's a great event at a great venue. A field of 500+ participants is anticipated. A glance at the start list reveals that the field will be formidable. Overall course records will definitely be in jeopardy if the weather isn't extreme. And several AG marks could fall, as well.

Dropping names is fun and the Minnesota multi scene has more than its share droppable monikers. For giggles, let's do some name droppage here. We offer the following observations and predictions, which when coupled with $1.89 will get you a Grande Tanzanian Peaberry at Starbucks...

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A Desert to Cross

By Bonnie Siegel

Drawing in a slow breath, I surveyed the first page of the document. Pausing, I leaned back, closed my eyes and listened momentarily to the home office chair groan at the redistribution of my weight. Rain tapped on the window as the storm's thunderous voice announced the direction it intended to take. A large luminous clock hung from my home office wall, lapping up time as it ticked away.

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