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Do you remember Peter Skorseth? Handsome guy from pastoral Baldwin, Wisconsin. Looks a lot like a smilier version of actor MarkFor Apple Story Harmon. (We don't have a photo of Peter, so we inserted a shot of Harmon. Imagine Mark with teeth. That's what Peter looks like.)

If you've been racing in Minnesota for more than five years, chances are good that his name is familiar. If you are an elite tri or du-athlete, though, you should remember him well. Peter Skorseth was a GREAT multisport athlete. In 2005, he won two MMAs--Master of the Year and Most Improved--and his herculean effort that year at the Apple Duathlon earned him a Performance of the Year nomination.

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Fast Juice At Apple Du

Apple JuiceThere must have been something special in the juice this morning. Records were dropping all over the place. David Thompson crushed his previous course record, notching his 60th win in the process. Cathy Yndestad had to run down a hard-charging Julie Hull for her win #41. And five amateur men broke the record set by Peter Skorseth back in 2005. Full story later, stay tuned. Results

More Yoga Stuff

The benefit of revving up or relaxing with yoga

Hilary Patzer headshotBy Hilary Patzer

There are three basic components that are involved in a well rounded athlete. These are endurance, strength and mind-body synergy. Yoga is a key factor in the mind-body synergy aspect. Yoga is celebrated for relaxation, stretching, strengthening, and awakening our bodies. Yoga is an incredibly versatile exercise modality which can be done at the end of a workout, as a workout, or as a warm up- before running, riding, swimming, skiing, or strength training. When yoga is used as a warm-up or before regular exercise, it is different than yoga used at the end of a workout in which the goal is mind body connection, relaxation, calming energy, and peacefulness.

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Becoming "One" With Dirt

By Bonnie Faceplant

Triathlon is my passion but sometimes you just gotta go off the beaten path. Bonnie Cutting Wood

For the past few years I have gotten to know a few XTerra guys. They've shared with me their adventures and I have to say I've been a bit envious. One particular friend is a well seasoned triathlete and also an XTerra World Champion. He does quite well in triathlon, usually in the top three and so I asked him if he has any adverse effects from the cross training. He was adamant in that he feels that it helps him stay focused, break up any potentially monotony and gives him the chance to just go out and play even harder.

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Apple Stuff...

There isn't a better duathlon in America

Apple Du LogoSure, some dus are larger and some feature fancier staging--bells and whistles that mean little if the event isn't expertly produced and participants aren't treated like rock stars.

Since 2000, the year The Apple hosted the USAT Age Group Duathlon National Championship, this event has done everything right. We have founders/directors Daryl and Pam Stevens and their "Committee of Carers" to thank for this. These folks were completely dedicated to satisfying the participants of their event.

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