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Life Time Fitness Stuff...(With Results & Links)

paul* It's possible that as early as 2016 Cathy Yndestad will have to take off a shoe in ltforder to count her Life Time Fitness victories. The amazing CY picked up her 5th LTF win this morning. That covers one hand. She'll start counting on the second hand next year.

* Catherine Lee continues to excel in 2010. She placed 4th at LTF. Elite Master Sarah Mercer of Golden Valley finished 7th.

* The men's Elite Amateur race was won by late registrant Patrick Davis of Ankeny, IA. Davis' 2010 resume features a win at Miami International and a 2nd at Hy-Vee. Previously undefeated in 2010, Cirlce Pines' Patrick Parish placed 2nd. Columbia Height's Matt Payne took 4th and rookie phenom Daniel Hedgecock (Minneapolis) finished 6th. Other Minnesotans in the EA Top 10 were Josh Riff (7th) and Steve Sander (10th)....

* In a repeat of 2009, Matt Reed and Sarah Haskins took the $20,000 top spots in the pro race. St. Paul's David Thompson finished 7th. (FYI - Matt Reed placed 2nd at Boulder Peak the day after LTF.)

photos* YndeCam.com's terrific Facebook PHOTO GALLERY

* TriJuice.com Race COVERAGE & PHOTOS

* Triathlete Magazine COVERAGE & Paul Phillips' great PHOTO GALLEY

* Startribune.com's COVERAGE

2010 Life Time Fitness Triathlon....RESULTS

MTN congratulates Race Director Peter Spencer, his plethora of area coordinators, the event's 1400 volunteers and sponsors for producing, once again, a truly world class event.

Photo - Peter Spencer--one of the two bald guys on the right; he's the one without a tie--and some of his LTF Events cohorts were un-medicated when this picture was taken. The group was celebrating Charley Wasley's (beardy guy on top) release from prison.

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