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logoYesterday, rookie phenom Sam Janicki, a totally cool guy who really does look exactly like Andy Samberg, picked up his 2nd career win at North Mankato, and did so in the fastest time--58:23--the event has seen in at least a half dozen years. MTN asked him to submit a race report. He did and we think you'll enjoy it, especially if you're an English teacher. Sam's not into paragraph breaks and punctuates in interesting ways. Kids these days! - ED

By Sam Janicki

Sunday was a great day for racing at North Mankato. The wind hadn't picked up yet and the clouds were sticking around..

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Marlo's 26th...

marloMarlo McGaver (photo) called the humid conditions at Coon Rapids Regional Park on Saturday "oppressive." Cool word.

It wasn't oppressive enough to keep her from posting her 26th career multisport win since her arrival in Minnesota (from Laramie, Wyoming) in 2005. The event--the 2nd annual Du the Dam--consisted of a pair of 3.2 mile runs bracketing a 14 mile bike leg. The statuesque McGaver, who would finish 4th overall, covered the syrupy distance in 1:22:44, a 4:05 improvement on the winning time in 2009.

The men's winner was Chad Millner, who went off the front early and kept himself out-of-sight for most of the race. His convincing victory was his 2nd of the season and took the old men's CR down by a plumply 4:32....

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Barking With the Big Dogs...

Though he's won 61 multis in his impressive career, St. Paul's David Thompson, aka DKT, is quick to point out that some of his most dktsatisfying performances were non-winning efforts. His 2nd at the ultra-competitive Escape from Alcatraz in 2008 was such an effort, as was his 3rd at Chicago in 2007. At Alcatraz he was beaten by superstar Andy Potts; Greg Bennett and Craig Walton were the guys who preceded him at Chicago. It's no disgrace to be beaten by guys of that caliber.

Yesterday, DKT finished 2nd at the Philly Tri, a race he's won on three occasions. We suspect that David would claim that his 2010 performance was as satisfying, if not moreso, than his 2009, 2008 and 2006 victories.

Why? ...

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Exciting Sunday Stuff...

jenny* DKT 2nd at Philly Behind Two-time Olympic Medalist Bevan Docherty of NZL...RESULTS

* Sam & Brooke Go Off the Front in North Mankato...RESULTS

* Triathlon at its Best: Youth Rock Lake Waconia...Marvin Has Great Hair Day! RESULTS

* Arlandson is Kona Bound...RESULTS

* Laughter & Orange Poop...Croixathlon is Too Cool!

(Photo: Lake Waconia's women's winner, Jenny Shaughnessy. A tri rookie, she raced like a national champion today.)

Saturday Headlines...

dan* Dan (muscular guy in photo) & Cathy Set New Standards at Croixathlon V...RESULTS

* Chad & Marlo Du'd the Dam Faster Than Everyone Else...RESULTS

* David Jensen & ND's Kierann Smith Prevail in Perham...RESULTS

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