Doobie's Race....

doobies_thing.pngED. Last weekend's races will be covered on Tuesday and Wednesday.

HOPKINS ROYAL TRIATHLON - This tri has so many unique and groovy things about it that we encourage you to visit the event's WEBSITE to learn all about them. Unfortunately, one thing you'll learn is that this year's race, like its first three editions, is sold old.

Enroll early for 2018, okay?

Also, the HRT was been nominated for "Triathletes Choice Race of the Year" in each season since its inception in 2014. It won that award in 2015.

This year's race will be staged, as always, as beautiful Shady Oak Park on Saturday, September 2. Even if you can't race, this is a great event for spectators, and every race could use extra volunteers, right? (FYI - The HRT does not have a volunteer shortage.)

As we do with many other races, we are going to share some event history and make some predictions.

HISTORY - Top 3 Sprint Times:

Men: 1. BRETT LOVAAS - 1:04:57 (2016), 2. ERIC HENDRICKSON - 1:05:57 (2016), 3. PATRICK PARISH - 1:06:16 (2015)

Women: 1. SUZIE FOX - 1:11:02 (2015), 2. SUZIE FOX - 1:11:16 (2016), 3. ANDREA MYERS - 1:13:49 (2016)

Age Group Records  ...

"It Wasn't My Day"....


By Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com)

The short of IRONMAN Canada: It wasn’t my day. 

I gave everything I had and then some, but came up short of my goal (which was, no surprise, a Kona spot). 

I know I should be proud – and I will be eventually – but when you have really high expectations of yourself, set big goals and train your ass off for months, to come up short… well, it hurts. A lot. 

But what did I expect? My race was the outcome of the stories I told myself for much of the build: that I would have rather lazed in the hammock than slog through three 80-minute intervals during a long ride. I fought for so many of those intervals, my internal dialogue I have to do this rather than I get to do this. I lost the bike love. I focused too much on things out of my control, which took the joy out of the journey. And I let myself get in my head – the worst possible place you can be. 

I never want to go into a race feeling like that again. And you can bet I never will. 


With that, a few race day details on my second slowest IM ever… 

Fast and Furious...


By Christel Kippenhan (seecktri.wordpress.com)

“There’s a great fascination with ultras being harder than other races, 
but the mile is every bit as difficult as 100 miles if you apply yourself to it.”
Rickey Gates, ultrarunner
as quoted in Outside Magazine

BREWHOUSE SPRINT RACE REPORT - I heard Kris Swarthout from Final K Sport Services once express a similar sentiment about sprint triathlons:
"Never say you are just doing a sprint triathlon. Sprint triathlons are fast and furious, you push yourself and go all out for the duration of the race."

I was a sprinter growing up, and I’m still a sprinter at heart. So, I love those fast and furious sprint triathlons, especially if they do not skimp on the swim distance. And the Brewhouse Sprint Triathlon does it just right.

Swim > 12:21; 1:31 / 100 yds; 4th female; 1st age group   ....

41.5 is a Very Cool Distance...


Photo - 2016 Women's Podium (L-R) - Lisa Wacek, Christel Kippenhan, Angela Engel.


SUPERIOR MAN 41.5 PREVIEW - The way the 41.5, which is now four-years-old, breaks down is this: .5 mile swim - 35.4 mile bike - 5.6 mile run. Cool distances, huh?

As with yesterday's SM Half IM preview, we are going to share some 41.5 history and make some predictions:


- Top 3 Men:

1. PETERS SOMERS - 2:23:23 (2016)

2. KRIS NISULA, ONT - 2:24:54 (2016)

3. MITCHELL CLAYTON - 2:26:33 (2016)


- Top 3 Women:

1. DIANE HANKEE - 2:31:52 (2015)

2. LISA LENDWAY - 2:33:40 (2015)

3. JESSICA ROSSING - 2:40:35 (2015)...

More on Page 2....

Three-Time Race of the Year...



SUPERIOR MAN HALF IM - A three-time "Triathletes Choice Race of the Year" winner, Superior Man will celebrate its sixth birthday next Sunday. Let's share some SM Half IM history, then make a few predictions.

- Nine men have bettered 4:20, five of whom have gone faster than 4:15:

1. SEAN COOLEY - 4:04:21 (2016)(photo)

2. MATT PAYNE - 4:10:44 (2015)

3. MATT PAYNE - 4:10:47 (2016)

4. PATRICK PEACOCK, CAN - 4:14:21 - Masters Record (2016)

5. BEN LINDELL, WI - 4:14:47 (2016)


- Twelve women have broken 5-hours at SM, five of them have bettered 4:45:

1. NICOLE WALKER, CAN - 4:25:05 (2016)

2. KORTNEY HAAG - 4:36:34 (2016)

3. CHRISTINA ROBERTS - 4:40:34 (2016)

4. HANNAH GRINAKER - 4:41:32 (2016)

5. KORTNEY HAAG - 4:43:08 (2015) ...

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