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APPLE DUATHLON - It wasn't just warm. It was hot. And there wasn't a cloud in sight. Many, if not most, of the Apple participants would shift from racing mode to survival mode by the time they reached T2, if not earlier.

Some, however, were able to stay in race mode the whole way, most notably JESSON BAUMGARTNER, the 36-year-old physician from Rochester by way of Cedar City, Utah, and TODD BUCKINGHAM, 29, from Big Rapids, Michigan.

Baumgartner managed to stay aggressive thoughout, just as he had at Falls Du, where he decimated the men's course record. The former Southern Utah State University runner led the deep men's field through the opening 5K in 15:34. Then he crushed the 33K bike, landing him in T2 thirty-nine ticks in front of 2017 champ WADE CRUSER, who knew he was racing for 2nd place, and even that it wasn't going to be easy. In pursuit was Buckingham, a two-time USAT National Champion, who possesses great running creds.

Down by 46 ticks when he left transition, TB had to a choice to make. He could settle into a semi-comfortable pace and hold off former Apple champ PATRICK PARISH for the bronze medal position. Or he  could charge on at full effort and hope that Cruser would come back to him.

If Cruser succumbed to the heat, and Buckingham did not, Todd could come out on top in this battle...

Tattoo Boy Goes Down Under...


By Ann Halliwell (postbulletin.com)


A Rochester man is gearing up to run a triathlon in front of the whole world.
Michael Karau qualified for the 2018 ITU World Champions during the summer of last year. Now he’s in the final few months of training for a race with top triathletes from all across the world.

The best part? He only started running a few years ago.

‘I went from couch potato nothing to something in about three years,” he said. “The fact that I get to be part of something this big, it’s pretty cool.”

Karau, 36, has lived in Rochester his whole life....

Apple Preview Part III...


APPLE PREVIEW III - When this was written, only two women were registered in the Elite division. But they are two of our region's very best, national class talents certainly.

We're talking about SUZIE FOX and ELAINE NELSON, both of whom are past Apple champions. This head-to-head promises to be epic.

Here's some comparative stats: 


SUZIE FOX, 32, Chaska


Career wins (since 2009) - 41

Career Du Wins - 9

Apple Podiums -  2 x 1st (2013, 2011), 2 x 2nd (2015, 2012), 2 x 3rd (2016, 2014)

Best Apple Time -  1:33:40 (2012) - #7 all-time amateur (since 2004)




Career wins (sine 2011): 16 (28 starts)

Career Du wins: - 2 (Apple 2015, Gear West 2014)

Duathlon Podiums - 2 x 1st, 1st 2nd (Gear West 2017), 1 x 3rd (Gear West 2015)

Best Apple Time - 1:34:06 (2015) - #9 all-time amateur (since 2014) ...

Apple Preview Part II...


APPLE PREVIEW II - As ever, and as promised on Tuesday, we are posting a breakdown of Apple XXXVI's deep field. Well, it's not as deep on the women's side as it has been in years' past, but those who are currently enrolled are past Apple champions.

At least five guys have a legit shot at winning Saturday's duathlon, including a couple of past winners. Does this mean that, weather permitting, Matt Payne's amateur record, his 1:20:45 set in 2015, will be threatened this weekend?

Yes. Heck, DKT's pro record --1:19:57--might not be safe.

Here are the five guys, with mention of a few other challengers, men that can push the leaders to fast time, and maybe even claim a podium spot for themselves:

- TODD BUCKINGHAM, 29, Big Rapids, MI (photo)  - This guy is the real deal, someone with a pro future. He is the reigning Draft Legal Sprint Du National Champ, who also placed 3rd at Standard (non-drafting) Nationals on the same weekend. Todd was the surprise winner at Tri Nationals in the Omaha heat in 2016. And he's a member of Everyman Jack, the elitest of the elite national tri teams....

Lucky Charms, Pee Face & Creepy Doll...


By Nikki Dostert Sudberry


OAKDALE DUATHLON RACE REPORT - If you’re offended by swearing; don’t read this.  That’s the beauty of reading this one.  You get a choice!!

Its 6:35am and I already know that today is going to be a great race.  How do I know? I just gobbled up an entire bowl of Lucky Charms and washed it down with orange juice.  This is my pre race fuel whether I’m competing in a local 5k or an Ironman. I also know I’m winning because while my kids sleep I took the last bit of that stale, marshmallowy goodness. I know, I’m an asshole. Don’t worry you’re not the only one who thinks that.  Plus, the early bird gets the worm, right?  Don’t worry I left Cherrios for them.

With my bike and transition bag in tow I make my way to Oakdale Minnesota to race in the  Oakdale Spring Classic duathlon.  I’ve done this race many times but for the last 2 years I have managed to walk away with a first place AG award. It would be nice to make it 3 years but I guess we will see.

I get to the venue and my best bud Marc is already there in standard early fashion as he is usually the first to appear at these races. We set up our transition areas, take our bikes for a spin and talk about other upcoming races with other athletes. I look around; the women here look fast. Really fast. And we all know what fast women look like.  They wear the Gear West kit.

Everyone lines up for the mass start.  My favorite part of the race.  Everyone’s “omg I’m so caffeinated” pee face is on.  (It’s not a race face, its a nervous pee face.)  Star Spangled Banner is sung perfectly and we are off!  And the sea of red and black fast kits start to...

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