RBM's "Gift to You"...


By Ruth Brennan Morrey (ruthbrennanmorrey.com)


Iconic.       Legendary.         Epic.        World’s Best.        Bucket List.        Triathlon Mecca.                                          
The above adjectives largely contributed to the intrigue that landed me in the beautiful Bavarian countryside of Roth, Germany for the full distance Challenge Roth race on July 9th, 2017. Historical race photographs well captured the crowd blanketed energy, picturesque villages and countryside, and the scope of the enthusiasm among pro athletes, age groupers and spectators alike. Within this quaint German rural town—a village of 24,000 residents—two hundred thousand dedicated course spectators halted all life responsibilities to invite athletes into their homes and show up on bridges, hills, villages, to rally alongside the athletes. Perhaps more staggering were the 7000 (!) volunteers—young and old—who would line the notoriously fast course to lend a hand to the day’s success. Imagining crowds lined five deep up Solar Hill—Tour de France style—while bashing long green and red noise making balloons together had this athlete’s blood pumping well before the gun would bang.
My mind had been exclusively training on this course for the previous 6 months and had been in my heart for a year in the making. During the 2016 race, from my computer screen, I witnessed exceptional, thorough, non-gender biased live race coverage.  Strict drafting penalties and the manner in which Challenge Family treated its professional athletes would be a new and humbling experience.  It was a clear observation even from across the Atlantic, that Challenge Family took incredible pride in this race. That alone excited me....

Adventure & Unpredictability...


By Nathan Ansbaugh (nathanansbaugh.blogspot.com - September 7)

SUPERIOR MAN RACE REPORT - With Ironman Wisconsin looming two weeks down the road from Superior Man, I told myself to take it a little easy, don't over stretch, play it safe, etc... well you will see in a moment that this simply did not happen. Last year at Superior Man, I came off the bike in 3rd but had to call it quits after about 6 miles into the run due to a nagging calf injury that became a real issue for me a few miles into that run. It took almost four months after Superior Man last year for me to start to feel like I could get out for a run without worrying a ton about my calf, and that was thanks to a lot of conservative management, physical therapy, and trying to be a good patient since I am notoriously bad at this. Needless to say, last year's Superior Man race left something to be desired for me, and 2017 gave me exactly what I asked for.

In the weeks leading up to Superior Man, I put in several 20+ mile runs, multiple long trainer rides, and honestly as many somewhat moderate length swims as my schedule would allow, and then crammed a taper into the the 5 days leading up to Superior Man with the goal of Superior Man being the last big push "training day" before Madison. My legs felt a bit like sand bags until about 2 days before the race, but my excitement for this race in particular started to take over and all the aches and pains seemed to become a bit numb.
For those who haven't experienced Superior Man, this really is an epic race. Jumping off the Vista Fleet into the red waters of Lake Superior, hugging the North Shore on a fast but challenging run, and then hitting a spectator packed run along the lake shore makes for a fantastic venue. ...

70.3 Worlds & IMOO Stuff...


CHATTANOOGA 70.3 WORLDS - Here are the results for Minnesotans at last weekend's ultra-challenging and competitive 70.3 World Championships:   ...

Taylor's Happy Birthday...


Photo L-R - Someone we don't recognize, Morgan Bell, 15, Taylor Lundquist, 18, Simone Lundquist, 15.

BLAINE TRIATHLON - With her decisive victory at Lakeside Commons Park yesterday, TAYLOR LUNDQUIST nailed down a Junior of the Year nomination. The victory was her third of the season, and her time - 1:23:57 - nuked the prior Junior standard. The performance came the day after she competed for her high school at a cross country meet AND celebrated her 18th brithday.

Taylor wasn't the only Lundquist to turn an impressive effort at Blaine yesterday. Her sister SIMONE, who will turn 15 next week, was the 3rd female finisher, which marks the 2nd time this season that the up-and-comer cracked the women's overall podium, and fifth time she threw down an overall Top 10 finish.

Finishing between the Lundquists was QUIN SEILER, who we think is a lawyer. She's married to KOLE SEILER, who finished 9th in the men's race. The Seiler's have a big, fluffy, brown dog that they sometimes take to the Minnehaha Falls Dog Park.

The race for podium spots in the men's race was hotly contested, even hotlier than ever before, featuring BRIAN SAMES, JOSH MORK, two-time Blaine champ / course record holder CHRIS TATTON and 2016 Rookie of the Year nominee JOEL LAFRANCE. ...

Guts, Heart and Screaming Legs...


By Mike Buenting (mikebuenting.wordpress.com)


The ITU multi-sport festival landed in Penticton Canada for 2017 and hosting a week of World Championships races! It kicked off with Sprint distance Duathlon and will end this coming weekend with Long Distance Triathlon.
If you have never been to British Columbia and especially the Penticton (Okanagen Valley) area you must visit!! It’s simply beautiful and well pretty much the most amazing place I have raced or vacationed!

2016 USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championships was the qualifying race for this event, and I had one of my best races there that year as I won the National title for the Male 40-44 race and was the 2nd overall Master that year. So 2017 ITU Worlds were my goal race of this season! This was the race I focused on all year, and trained myself to peak at! However this all went south when the Wednesday morning before I flew out west to Canada I tweaked my hamstring running a simple 400 at 85% effort level on a track. I can’t explain what happened other than just the Saturday before I had been in Omaha and raced USA Triathlon Nationals had a solid race qualifying for Team USA in Triathlon for 2018 in Aussie land! Felt great early in the week but when I rounded the last corner of the track that morning a sharp zinger shot down my leg and I knew something was wrong! I stretched, iced did all the recovery things I could think of but no way I could get it lose again to run. UGH!!! Once I arrived in Penticton on Friday afternoon I went straight to the Team USA massage room and had our...

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