Becky's Return!


OAKDALE DUATHLON PREVIEW - There's much about the Oakdale Du that excites us. We love it's venue, which appears to have been designed with run-bike-run in mind. And the race has always been exciting and super competitive.

Next, we checked the event website, and learned this:

New this year, we have added a barbecue following the race. Join us for turkey dogs and burgers and catch up with all your racing friends who were holed up for this long and cold winter while enjoying the DJ efforts of Kyle Fulton. We have also given you the option to opt out of the medal and shirt and save some cash. Those opting for the shirts and medals will receive a long sleeve technical shirt and a finisher medal. Everyone is eligible for age group awards.

Exciting stuff, right? ...

Train Harder. Get Leaner. Be Wiser...


JA Race Report: "Off-Season" and Ironman Texas"


By Joe Adriaens (triadriaens.com)


Warning, this is a long report.

First off, I want to thank all my family and friends who continue to support me in this nutty sport. Without all of you, none of this is possible!

I also want to thank Team Every Man Jack and all of our sponsors (Every Man Jack, Felt Bicycles, Louis Garneau, Lululemon, Boco Gear, GU Energy Labs, Roka, Normatec Recovery, Enve Composites, Garmin, and Sockguy), Gear West Bike & Triathlon, Rich and Ambrose at NOW Bikes, Podium Sports, and Premier Sport and Spine. You all keep me rolling with the best equipment and recovery care! Thank you all so much!


"Off - Season"

The off season post Ironman Florida was short lived and lasted all of 2 weeks. After the events that transpired at Ironman Florida, I was hungry for some redemption at this distance.  I won't go into details as you can scroll back and read through what happened in Florida.  Needless to say, the strategy for 2018 was to train harder, get leaner, and be wiser....

Records Tumble at TriWadena...


The 3rd annual TriWADENA, aka "No Spandex Necessary Triathlon," happened last Saturday. It was highlighted by a record turnout—34 finishers, up from 29 in 2017—and course records for both genders.

Leading the way for the women was Wadena-ian, LAURA MOONEN (photo with husband Jeremy), who became a three-time winner by covering the 220yard pool swim – 12 mile – 2 mile course in 1:01:47, which lowered her 2016 CR by twenty seconds.

Third here 2017, JENNIFER PINONIEMI from nearby Menagha, claimed the silver medal this time, her 1:03:58 was 6:02 faster than her clocking last year.

Third was earned by last year's runner-up CHELSA GOLDBERG, whose bronze medal time at her hometown race was 4:02 quicker than her silver medal effort in 2017.

Perham's MICHAEL BRASEL of Perham crushed the men's race best, his 53:20 was almost four minutes better than JEREMY MOONEN's prior CR.

We suspect that JEREMY and LAURA are related.

How Triathlon Makes a Better Mom...


By Susan Lacke (triathlete.com)


In a lot of ways, being a triathlete is not that different from being a mom. Both roles are tough, unpredictable, and require calm problem-solving on the fly. Both roles foster a new appreciation for the what the human body can do. And both roles are hugely rewarding. It makes sense, then, that moms make great triathletes. As it turns out, it works the other way, too. To celebrate Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 13), we asked triathlete moms about what they’ve experienced in this intersection of tri-ing and mom-ming. Their answers ranged from poignant to humorous to inspirational.

“Triathlon has been a great way for me to reconnect with my collegiate son. We have had a blast discovering tris together, including doing a half-iron together this past fall. We even got one of his younger brothers to do one with us! Driving out with him to nationals in Omaha from New Jersey will rank as one of my favorite road trips of all time, especially since he is graduating and moving farther away this summer.” – Kris Byrnes  ...

The Secret is: There's No Secret....




By Kelly O'Mara (The Salty Triathlete - triathlete.com)


Look for a new “A Brief Complaint from a Salty Triathlete” from Kelly O’Mara every month in Triathlete magazine.

There it was, right in front of my eyes: “Read Jan Frodeno’s Mental Trick That Helped Him Win Kona.” Yes, I was going to learn the secret! I’d be unstoppable! I clicked on the headline and started reading.

Turns out, Frodo tries not to think about the whole race all at once. He likes to break the day up into sections and bits that are easier to tackle mentally.

No kidding.

That’s not so much a secret or a trick, as a well-established mental race tactic packaged in trick’s clothing. And it’s one I, theoretically, already know. I already know no one should ever think about the entirety of an Ironman stretched out in front of them. I know I’m supposed to focus on one chunk at a time in a race. Yet, clearly, I’m no Jan Frodeno. What am I doing wrong?  ...

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