Iron Nikki...


By Nikki Dostert Sudberry

Today (Tuesday) while I was at the gym I received a “congratulations “ on a race that I completed 7 weeks ago. After talking for a bit about some upcoming running races it was said repeatedly that I was a.) an Iron Girl and b.) an Iron woman....

Shocked & Unconvinced...


By Wade Cruser

I thought this would be too long for the comment section, so if you like it,  feel free to post it.

I, like Matt Payne,  had Sean’s 4:06 at Chisago on my EMMA Bingo sheet for POY, as I’m sure most did. 

When Jerry called my name I was baffled.  Almost positive he said the wrong name, but sure enough my name was on the award.  So for the last month I’ve been refreshing Minnesotatrinews.com nonstop, waiting for the explanation.  In that time I’ve tried to put together an argument, that would justify me winning, to me.   

I’m a results nerd, so I put together the top 20 times at each event since 2006.  Now I’m sure you’ll say, “ but Wade, weather is never consistent, and can cause changes in race times from year to year”.   I do agree whole heartedly, but I think with a large enough sample size then it’s not as big of a factor.   I would say that 10 years is a good chunk, and wouldn’t you know it, we have 11, perfect!! So buckle your seat belt, because here we go. ...

A One and Done Strategy...



By Ted Treise (venturetri.com)


MIAMI 70.3 RACE REPORT - This summer I set out with a moonshot plan of having a chance at a pro card. To do this, one must complete 3 races within 8% of the winning pros time at races with more than $8k of prize money, or get top 3 overall AG within 8% of pros time. Easy, right?! (Just kidding) I didn’t do 3 races with prize money this year so a one and done strategy was concocted. I knew it was LONG LONG shot, like shaking hands with the pope longshot, but why not go for it. Justin Bieber said it best with YOLO.


The team was assembled with my Dad and best friend Connor flying into Miami for the race. Having people take time away from their lives and spend it helping me keeps my fire going. In my opinion, the tri journey would suck without remarkable people along the way. From Paul Cregar showing me triathlon freshman year of college, to Nate Dicks for taking the time to listen to me complain about phantom injuries and crafting world class training plans, and to Kate for being a kickass human and giving support every step of the way while dealing with me in beta brain mode. It’s a hell of a team I have. In Miami, the stars aligned and spirits were sky high when we came together ready for battle....

Sean for TOY? Absolutely!



2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - We mentioned recently that all but one of our remaining MMA explanation posts will deal with controversial categories. Today's post is about Male TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR, which was basically non-contentious. All Selectors agreed that SEAN COOLEY was the 2017 male TOY, and they suspect that few outside the Committee would challenge the selection.

Let's break it down. Here are the nominees and comments on their seasons:



Nate's seven races produced two wins, five total podiums and a 70.3 PR. He was ranked 3rd on Team Minnesota. A glance at his resume reveals that he was not a cherry-picker; he raced exclusively in our state's most competitive races. Conclusion: Well deserved TOY nomination.



Blank has been Duluth's numero uno for the past three seasons. He is recognized as one of Minnesota's most consistently elite racers. In 2017 he raced six times, winning once (Brewhouse), and placing 2nd at Liberty Olympic, Heart of the Lakes and Lake Waconia. A good resume. He was 1-1 against Ansbaugh, and 0-1 against Cooley.



In seven starts in 2017, Kris had one win--a POY-nomination worthy victory at Copper Creek--and four other podium finishes. He was also the second fastest Minnesotan at Nationals (Behind Wade Cruser). Kris faced fellow TOY nominees at Minneapolis, where he was beaten by Cooley and Ansbaugh. ....

Why Dani?



2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - The men's POY category was highly controversial. (We'll post Wade Cruser's disagreeing comments later this week.) So was the women's. A great case could be made for all of the nominated performances:


- GABY BUNTEN - Victory at Minneapolis. Gaby's 2:08:34 was the fastest Olympic(ish) time by a Minnesota woman this year. Beating Missouri's Danielle Dingman, now a pro, 2016 Minnesota Triathlete of the Year Hanna Grinaker (who Deked herself because of a lost chip), future pro Maeghan Easler (IA), Elaine Nelson, Suzie Fox, Kristina Swenson and others added to the magnitude of her effort.


- GABY BUNTEN - 5th overall at Nationals. How many Minnesota women have, during this millennium, cracked the overall Top 5 at Nationals? Three: Cathy Yndestad, Heather Lendway and Gaby Bunten. That's amazing company to be in. Hopefully USAT will evaluate her 2017 resume and award her an AOY HM.


- CHRISTINA ROBERTS - Win at Superior Man. Her 4:37:04 was the fastest 70.3 time by a Minnesota woman in 2017. The fact that she did this without being pushed--her margin of victory was 27:33--made it even more special.


- DANI VSETECKA - Win at Madison 70.3 - Beating former pro Dani Fischer, who would go on to reset the amateur women's CR at Ironman Wisconsin, was a big deal. Adding more bigness to the deal, she also beat Hanna Grinaker, and former pros Morgan Chaffin and Jessica Jacobs. ...

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