"Today Was Supposed to be My Day"....


By Michelle Andres (teamandresjourney.blogspot.com)


Set backs

I hit a bump in the road or maybe I could say my train has completely left the tracks.  Temporarily. I need to hit the pause button on my training for a bit, but I’m not throwing in the towel.  We all have moments in our lives where something doesn’t go according to plan and we always have the option of giving up and giving in or we can make some adjustments and find another way.  I will find another way to get there, but I will not change my goal.

My Boston 2018

I took most of 2017 off to heal a labral tear and tears in both my hamstrings.  My left hamstring has been a problem since 2013 and I’ve rehabbed it and strengthened it, but I’ve never been able to fully not think about it while training....

Hiccup City...



By Sara Carlson (sarastrilife.blogspot.com)


I didn't set a hard line in the sand for my race goals in the final weeks leading up to the Boston marathon. Especially after a few hiccups during my race build. I had to take three weeks off of training in February to recover from Influenza A and Pneumonia diagnoses simultaneously. I was so fatigued that just getting up to brush my teeth was enough to send me back to bed for a few hours to rest and recover. Everything was such a chore. I remember friends texting me and asking me how I was doing and feeling about my fitness with the race on the horizon. Honestly, I did not even care. It got me thinking so much about time and how I wanted to use my precious energy stores with the limited minutes of awake time I actually had. As I laid in bed with my eyes closed, I would not necessarily be sleeping, but certainly not able to do anything more strenuous like watch TV or read. That was too exhausting. It really got me thinking about what is important and how the short moments of awake time I did have would impact my family. ...

IMPORTANT Updates....Doing His Part...


By Mitchell Clayton (mitchellclaytontriblog.wordpress.com)


(Posted on April 3, 2018 by Mitch)


Over the past month or two I had been posting training updates every 6 days or so, and its been a longer while since my last post! I don’t want to write on-an-on, so here are some bullet points highlighting what I’ve been up to…

  • I took the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) on Saturday, March 24. So, my training block leading up to that date was mostly skipped or significantly shortened. That Saturday also started my spring break, and I only ran once or twice over break because I was exhausted from all of my preparations for the MCAT, and because I traveled a bit (Bayfield, Wisconsin once and Duluth twice).
  • SO, I plan to get back on track with my training sometime this week.

Racing Notes From Last Weekend...



JOE ADRIAENS (photo L)- As usual at Texas Ironman, times were very fast, and Minnesota's runner-up for the Most Improved award in 2017, Joe Adriaens, was one of the fast guys. The 30-year-old from Elk River, now a member of Every Man Jack, arguably the most talent-rich national tri team, popped an 8:58:59 last weekend, which is almost twenty minutes better than his debut 9:18:04 at IM FLorida last Fall. Joe will blog about his experience soon, and MTN will repost.


VICKI OSTENDORF - Rocking an awesome Pink-like white mohawk, this 53-year-old fitness coach from St. Paul, crushed her divisional competition at the prestigious St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida, last Sunday. We wish that she would race more often, as she certainly deserves to be mentioned alongside Cheryl Zitur, Julia Weisberger, Christel Kippenhan, Tracy Serreyn et al, who are recognized as our state's "Fast and Fabulous" 50+ women. That elite group will grow significantly this season as Jody Quesnell, Ann Snuggerud and Anne Grabowski have recently aged-up.


CHRISTINA ROBERTS - On a whim, which is not CR's typical style, Christina made a last second decision to fly to Bermuda last weekend to compete in the ITU World Triathlon, where she placed 8th among the amateur women. Next stop for her is Escape From Alcatraz. She rocked out there in 2014, finishing 6th female amateur and winning her AG against a stellar field....

Scheel and Woolsey Picked to Prevail Again....


CHAIN OF LAKES RACE PREVIEW – Since the millennial turn, North Dakotans have fared well in Minnesota multisport races. Starting with Bismarck's Melanie Carvell, her state's original tri pioneer, then progressing to Marlina Walth, also from the state capitol, these women have made Team MInnesota on several occasions. Marnie, in fact, has placed as high as second, doing so in 2005.

Minnesota's 2014 Rookie of the Year, Nick Nygaard, grew up in Wahpeton before relocating to Duluth.

And, of course, there's Sean Cooley, who moved from Grand Forks to St. Paul a few years back. He won the Triathlete of the Year title in 2017, but he wasn't the first North Dakotan to do that. Fargo's Rob Gilles won that, and several other, awards in 2001.

So, is there another talented ND athlete on the horizon, someone destined for recognition in our state, and perhaps even a spot on Team Minnesota?

We think so. His name is Branden Scheel. He is twenty-two and a resident of Fargo. Last year he raced admirably at several Minnesota triathlons, as well as at Racine 70.3, where he won his AG.

Here are some of his 2017 results:

1st @ Chain of Lakes

1st @ Perham Triathlon

2nd @ Young Life Olympic

4th @ Hoot Lake

9th @ Buffalo Olympic

Branden is also an outstanding road racer, as his 2nd at Fargo Half and 3rd at Dick Beardsley in 2017 clearly attest....

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