Doing & Saying No...


By Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com)

I’ve talked a lot about time here – from my go-to time hacks to how fast it flies. So, when our blog squad suggested we share our secrets to getting it all done – our best time management skills – I had to think hard about what other insights I could share....

Debunking Swimming Myths...


Front-of-the-pack swimmer Sara McLarty debunks some common beliefs about swimming as a triathlete.

By Sara McLarty (triathlete.com)

1. Freestyle is the only stroke triathletes need to know.
Freestyle is the fastest and most efficient stroke, so it will be used most of the time when completing a long-distance swim. However, every triathlete should have a “safety” stroke to use when they are tired, need to find the buoys or clear their goggles in a race. Plus, learning other strokes works different muscles and keeps things interesting....

A Spate of Indoor Tris...


LIFE TIME FITNESS INDOOR TRIATHLONS - Do nine things constitute a "plethora?" Probably not.

Perhaps "spate" is a better word. The term refers to things that a substantial, though not necessarily plethoric.

We digress.

On January 8 there was a spate of indoor tris, which were staged at various Life Time Fitness clubs around the Twin Cities. They all consisted of a 10-minute pool swim, followed by 30-minutes on a spin bike and 20-minutes on a treadmill. The events were social and basically low key. Part of what makes them so cool is that you could ride alongside slower bikers, but not pass them. Or run next to faster runners, and not be passed by them.

Here are a few race capsules:  ...

2016 Prize Money Leaderboard...

walter-white-money.pngBy Triathlete.com

USA Triathlon debuted its prize money leaderboard last summer, letting the cash curious track top athlete earnings. It also shows which races have the biggest payouts (ITU’s overall rankings prize of $755,000 tops the chart, with the Ironman World Championship coming in second at $650,000 and the Island House Invitational coming in third at $500,000).

The leaderboard has its limits. The bonuses earned from Olympic medals aren’t included, and there don’t appear to be any XTERRA...

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