Cooldown Essentiality....

warm-up-cooldown.gifBy Ryan Turbyfill (usatriathlon.org)

You’ve just finished a race or hard workout — now what? In order for the workout or race to help you improve as an athlete, it requires two ingredients. The first is stress to the body (check, you just did that) and then recovery to create the adaption. A lot of thought, work and pain goes into the stress, but little goes into the recovery.

During exercise, the muscles burn glucose for energy and create lactic acid as a byproduct. Lactic acid is prevalent in the muscles after a hard workout or race. If you stop right after the finish line or sit on the couch after a hard bike, the lactic acid remaining in the muscles has been shown to create delayed onset...

An Original...

t-man-trans.gifTIMBERMAN PREVIEW - Timberman, Minnesota's original "Destination Triathlon," will celebrate its 31st birthday on Saturday (July 11). Like most races, it struggles to get its numbers of yesteryear, but unlike most races, it manages to come dang close to doing so. This means that, despite current trends, Timberman is "hanging in there" better than most events. Still, the MTN Guys want to encourage anyone who has not committed to a race on the weekend of July 11-12, to make the trip to Sugar Lake. Especially those folks who have never done this "experience" before. It's not just about the race. You don't just pop in, race and drive home. At Timberman, you also swim, fish, golf, barbecue and pontoon (verb form), as well as eat and drink at Otis' Grill, which has an awesome deck and is located on the north edge of the transition area.

It's a "destination" event....





Big Numbers. Great Fields...

brian-biceps.gifGRANITEMAN XII PREVIEW - Last year, Graniteman-Clearwater drew a little over 300 participants. This year, the event's 12th anniversary, that number will jump to more than 500. How cool is that, especially in today's racing climate?

We love to see this kind of stuff!

Another thing we love to see are competitive fields, and this year's G-Man Olympic (1.5-46K-10K), the first year for this distance, has an awesome field, especially on the men's side. Four of the Top 5 guys from last year's sprint race are returning and they are all stronger and faster than ever. 2014 winner Casey Miller is coming off a win at Average Jo. Last year's bronze medalist Larry Hosch just collected his first career win at ZTRI. Fourth and fifth place in 2014 went to Ryan Wippler, who also won his first career tri earlier this season, and Wade Cruser, who totally rocked out at Buffalo and Gear West, will be more competitive than ever, too. And they'll have to be, because this year's field will also include Brett Lovaas, who has 30ish...

Rip Roar, ZTri & RBM Cracks Top 5 at Ironman Frankfort!

rip-roar.gifUPDATE: Conditions were brutal today (temps in the 90s), still Ruth Brennan Morrey raced to a 5th-place finish at the European Ironman Championships in Frankfort, Germany today, for which she earned $5000. (Euros?) Her time was 9:21:09.  RESULTS


By Chris Crocker

The inaugural race of the Rip Roar kids’ triathlon series is in the books, and it was an amazing weekend of kids racing in Mankato, Mn. With Hyvee shuttering the Hyvee kids triathlon series, race director Michael Zimmerman was looking to fill the void in the upper Midwest with a kids specific tri series that will rival Hyvee’s former series. As it should be, he is the former director of the Hyvee series, and he saw the loss of the series as a real blow to kids triathlons, and an opportunity for him to shape the series.

With three more races in the series (Omaha; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Des Moines, Iowa), young athletes looking to participate in a very professionally run series with great competition will ...

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