21st Century Men's Team Minnesota...

LTFM12-489.pngAs promised, today we are posting our "21st Century Men's Team Minnesota," doing so in alpha order, not by rank. These are the guys who set the performance bar in our state over the last decade-and-a-half:

- BRIAN BICH - Several time nominee for US AOY and MOY, actually winning the MOY in 2008, this four-time Minnesota TOY (5x Mn MOY) has amassed 46 multi wins this century.

- SEAN COOLEY - Since 2013 the transplanted North Dakotan has won sixteen Minnesota multis and has risen as high as the #2 spot on Team Minnesota. His four wins at Superior Man, especially his CR - 4:04:21, tipped the scales for him in our opinion.

- BROOKS GROSSINGER - There have been several mercurial athletes, guys with stellar results in their short careers, guys like Sam Hauck, Rob Gilles, Jeremy Sartain, Sam Janicki that were considered for spots on this Team, but we opted to honor a guy whose career is highlighted by longevity and consistency. With 29 tri wins this century, plus consistent placement on Team Minnesota, Brooks managed to edge out Brett Lovass (30 wins), and Kris Spoth, who needs just one or two more great seasons to displace any of the guys on this list.

- DAN HEDGECOCK (photo L) - Between his rookie season in 2010 and his final full season in 2014, the two-time Minnesota TOY collected 27 multisport victories and was twice named US AOY Honorable Mention. His major wins include Hy-Vee 5150 National Champs (2012), Life Time - Minneapolis (2012, 2011) and St. Anthony's (2012). He is also a former US Duathlete of the Year.


Erin's Guide to A Good Night's Sleep...

eril_larson.pngBy Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com)

Mornings are quite possibly my favorite time of the day. There’s nothing like the quiet before the world’s awake, drinking a cup of coffee while reading a good book (and snuggling with Luma!) or sweating out some bike intervals to Girl Talk blaring in my ears.

That said, it’s important to set myself up for a good morning and a successful triathlon season – both involve getting a good night’s rest. Here are a few ways that help me wind down each evening and fall asleep shortly after hitting the pillow…

Shut down screens

I try really hard to turn off my laptop and iPhone screens by 9p every night. It doesn’t always happen, but it helps to be aware of it. If I recognize I’m mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, I shut it off (and only turn my phone back on to check that my alarm’s set).

If you have be on your computer, install f.lux (it’s free). It warms your computer display, eliminating the annoying blue light that can keep you awake. Similarly, be sure to turn on your iPhone’s night shift....

His Body Spoke. Paul Listened...

paul_rockwood.pngED. Hey, do you know Paul Rockwood? If you don't he's an awesome guy with a great family. He's made some tough choices recently. Check out this important and inspiring Facebook post:


It's with a heavy (overworked) heart that I am making a decision to retire sooner than later from competing in the endurance sports that have consumed me over the last 7 years.  The main reason for this is due to recent sensations in my heart that I can describe as "flutters" and "downshifts" sometimes when I relax at the end of the day.  It's a scary feeling and led me to research what was happening with the most important muscle in my body.  To summarize what I've learned from studies involving the long-term affects that extreme endurance training and racing has on the heart, there are structural changes and damage occurring in the heart due to the extreme demands and stress it is put through during the many long runs, bikerides, and swims.   My mind decides what my body will do, and the heart has no choice but to try and keep up.  In order to keep up more efficiently the heart...

Beating the Winter Blues...

winter_blues.pngBy Danielle Liubicich (triathlete.com

You’re inspired by the new year, but it’s winter, the days are short, maybe your neighborhood is buried under a foot of snow, and triathlon season feels like it may never start up again. Sound familiar? You’re not alone! The winter training blues happen to everyone whether you live in a warm southern climate or the frigid north. Everyone struggles with motivation and consistency as they recover from their previous season and start laying the foundation for the next year of racing.

Here are five tips to keep you moving in a positive direction through the long winter months.

1. Take some time to reflect on what triathlon means to you. What do you enjoy about training and racing? What parts of the experiences are most enjoyable to you? Triathlon is a sport and it should be fun. Whenever you...

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