Multisports for Ordinary Mortals...

fatty-bike11.gifBy Steve Jonas (usatriathlon.org)

n many parts of the country we are still waiting for spring to arrive, although in certain other parts, summer seems to be here already.  But whatever part we live in, as tri/duathletes, whatever we have done or not done over the winter, we are now getting back into regular exercise. We know that to be a successful tri- or duathlete at any level, we have to train/exercise regularly throughout the season. Many years ago, toward the beginning of my 30-plus years in multisport racing and as a writer on the subject I put together what I call the "Basic Eight of Regular Exercise."  They certainly have helped me to keep on truckin', and given some thought, they might help you too.

1. The hard part of regular exercise is the regular, not the exercise. Believe me, I know, and live this principle very well. There are surely those mornings (and I work out in the morning) when man, I just don’t feel like getting out there. But I do know just how important getting out there is. While I do take a very occasional day off (like I did just this morning), most of the time I do get out there, and then guess what? Ten minutes into the workout I’m very glad that I did.


2. The best exercise routine for you is the exercise routine that is best for you. There are numerous choices. One size does not fit all. This applies to multisport racing as well as to training for it. There are so many articles that say “do it this way, and you are sure to ...” Well, maybe, and, as I have said so many times, it all depends what your goals are, and they may very well not be the goals of that particular writer.

Snacks Get a Bad Rap...

sandwich2.gifBy Susan Kitchen (usatriathlon.org)

What comes to mind when you think of a snack? A glass of milk and a cookie, a bowl of ice cream, a handful of pretzels, a piece of fruit or a small bag of chips? Maybe instead of food, you count on an afternoon coffee to get you through the workday, or you reach for a sports bar to fuel your after-work workout.

Snacks are intended to be mini meals that provide valuable nutrients and help maintain blood sugars when meals are more than four hours apart. When you go more than four hours without eating, your blood sugars drop, and you get hungry. You might also feel headachy, dizzy, lightheaded, weak or grumpy....


 gw long 2


Mini-Preves...Morris & Falls...

DauerS.gifMORRIS TINMAN - Though Burnsville's Bette Rowley has won this race each of the last three years, we think she's going to have to settle for 2nd place at UM-Morris tomorrow. Our talkative gut tells us that Sheena Dauer of Montevideo, will come out on top. We're basing this opinion on astological and phrenological factors, plus the fact that she dominated the women's Olympic field at Green Lake last August. We met her and thought she was nice. She has straight white teeth, a Ph.d and looks great in scarves (photo L).

Who will win the guys' Olympic-ish-distance race in Morris tomorrow. We think that Paul Wymer will nip Mick Bakker for the victory. RACE WEBSITE


FALLS DUATHLON - A great turnout--250+-- is expected for Saturday's run-bike-run and we encourage undecided athletes to say "What the heck," or WTH in texteze, and enroll. It's a great event. Final Stretch puts on awesome races.

So, who do we think is gonna win? History tells us that former-amateur-turned pro-re-turned-amateur Devon Palmer is the guy to win, something he did here in 2013....

Passion Regained...

BRASILIA-PODIUM.gifTriumph: “To gain a victory; be victorious; win.”


By Ruth Brennan Morrey (ruthbrennanmorrey.com)


Brasilia 70.3 Race Report - The title of this blog series is “Two Trials and a Triumph.” I’ve written about the two trials—with the first more ‘trialing’ than the second. Now its time for the triumph which occurred in Brasilia, Brazil on April 5th, 2015 at the Ironman 70.3 Latin American Pro Championships.

Wait, wait, wait…hold it! I didn’t win in Brazil. Let’s get the facts straight. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that a “win” is FIRST place and therefore, my eventual final placing, 3rd place, is not a true win. In fact, Helle Frederickson, quite frankly, freakishly slaughtered the rest of us by 12 minutes or more. This Danish Dart was the clear victor and deserves all the fame along with the small fortune of 20k! She won so handily in fact, that after we finished, when I asked her finish time she replied, “Oh, I don’t know, I finished quite a while ago.” Great. My dream of running down the blue carpet neck and neck with Helle for a photo finish victory wasn’t even close to reality. Congrats to Helle....

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