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Madison 70.3 Race Report - Finally! I got my Chattanooga spot. We had one chance to get this right with the qualifying cut-off coming up fast in addition to factoring in recovery time it takes from doing these crazy races. I am happy to report I was 1st place in the U24 field, and 16thoverall, securing my spot at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, TN.  In Madison on race day, the temp was a muggy 80s, the roads kept one on their toes, and the run was deceivingly hard. Let’s hope this race report is nothing less than a steamer.

The Lead-Up

After Long Course Worlds in Miami, I took some time off to not do triathlon stuff? I traveled to NYC for a week, but mostly this time ended up with me swimming, planning this year, and learning how to make a website from YouTube Videos.  What great success on my goal for an off season break from things all tri, eh? Throughout this time, I ran and biked very little....

More Picking....



MINNEAPOLIS SPRINT PREVIEWETTE - Today is July 8. The MTN Guys are at Timberman, but we're anxious to learn what happened at Graniteman Clearwater, Elysian and the Minneapolis Triathlon, which also take place today.

We didn't post a Minneapolis Sprint preview earlier because the registration list we saw was incomplete. We were sure that many of the athletes that would eventually claim spots in the overall men's and women's Top five had yet to register. And most of the men's AG wins, we suspect, would go to later registrants.

The women's AG list we saw, however, included many of the ladie's that we believe would win their AGs. We will share those picks with you now, then check results when we return to The Cities to see how we fared....

G-Man Clearwater Preview - Part II...


GRANITEMAN - CLEARWATER PREVIEW - PART II - Last week we shared some Graniteman - Clearwater Olympic history. Today, we're doing likewise with the G-man Sprint (S-.44 point-to-point, B - 14.33, R - 5K), the flagship race that launched Graniteman Events. Here are the past champions and the AG record holders:


SPRINT - Clearwater

2016 – Casey Miller – 1:05:57 & Alexandra Badger – 1:20:50

2015 – Casey Miller – 1:07:02 & Cheryl Zitur – 1:11:35

2014 – Casey Miller – 1:05:57 & NICOLE HEININGER – 1:09:49

2013 – Dennis Dane – 1:08:49 & Jamie Heying – 1:17:21....

Dr. Nate & Nikki Jean Are June 2017 AOMs....



Today we reveal MTN's 2017 JUNE ATHLETES OF THE MONTH. To be eligible, athletes must turn in at least two outstanding performances during June. Addionally, sub-par, or poor results can undermine a resume. Say a person wins two races, but also has one or two medium-dazzle performances as well, that athlete has either demonstrated inconsistency or been the victim of bad luck. In either case, that athlete's resume is diminished.



Nathan raced three times in June, winning twice--Lake Minnetonka and Lake Waconia--and placing 2nd --Liberty Half--on the other occasion, making him a slam dunk selection. HMs - Josh Blankenheim (36, Duluth), Kris Spoth (30, St. Paul), Brian Sames (30, Shakopee).

Heininger was also a slam dunk, in our opinion. Like Ansbaugh, she won twice--New Bri and Lake Waconia--and also had a 2nd (Liberty Half). It should be noted that she blew away a course record at New Bri, and her margin of victory at Waconia over a stellar field was substantial. HM - Diane Hankee (40, Lino Lakes), Christina Roberts (31, St. Louis Park)....More on Page 2...

Minneapolis Picks...


MINNEAPOLIS TRIATHLON - The 17th edition of this annual classic will happen on June 8 at Lake Nokomis. This is our state's largest and grandest tri...

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