Diets Based on DNA?



By AC Chilton (triathlete.com)


Genetic research is showing that different people respond differently to certain foods. Are diets based on DNA the next big breakthrough in sports performance?


Ask for diet advice on Facebook and you’ll get a lot of varying responses. Plant-based! Paleo! Everything in moderation!

For the first time in the history of social media, it turns out that everyone might actually be right.

The old diet cliché of calories in, calories out is being replaced by a new platitude: Do what works for you. Personalized diets, based on the idea of “nutrigenomics” or the study of how different foods affect gene expression, are starting to...

Getting Fat in the Winter...



By Nikki Dostert Sudberry

Yesterday (December 17) was my first fatbike race!
It started out great; all of my friends were there and we had perfect weather conditions❤️ 
I signed up for the 30k ( 18ish miles)
Easy, right? Omg no. No no no.

That was yesterday morning; I was younger then and full of hope.🤣
After 1 hour of riding I had done 4 miles. ...

Women's Team Minnesota: Why?



Let's begin by repeating what we posted two Thursdays ago concerning the determination of men's Team Minnesota:... all five Committee members independently evaluate the resumes of the 20-or-so candidates. Each Selector then submits his (there were no female Selectors this year; that will change in 2018) list to the Chairman, who totals the points according to an athlete's placements. For instance, four Selectors ranked Sean Cooley 1st, with one ranking him 2nd. Sean, therefore, received 6 points.

Below is 2017 women's Team Minnesota. Next to each name is their point total. In parentheses are the rankings each athlete received. We also comment on how they fared against fellow Team MN members.

1. GABY BUNTEN - Points: 9 (1, 2, 1, 2, 3) - Gaby excelled at Olympic distance racing in 2017, winning thrice in fast times, in addition to cracking the overall Top 5 at Nationals. Two of her Olympic efforts--Nationals and Minneapolis --received Performance of the Year nominations. Who'd she beat? Erin Farrens at Trinona, Danielle Dingman (MO), Meghan Easler (IA), Elaine Nelson, Suzie Fox, Kristina Swenson, Maggie Weiss at Minneapolis. 

2. KORTNEY HAAG  (photo L) - Points: 9 (2, 3, 2, 1, 1) - Kort proved once again that her Olmpic distance prowess--two wins and a 2nd--rivals her half IM proficiency. Her victory at Liberty was the 18th (!) 70.3 win of her...

How I Learned to Love Swimming...Again...



By Maddy Pesch (peschmaddy.wordpress.com)

February, 2016. I am jumping up and down and swinging my arms behind the starting blocks, preparing to swim my last collegiate championship race ever: 200 Breaststroke. In my head I’m saying, “Let’s go, Maddy. Give it everything you’ve got. This one’s for you. This is the last time you will ever swim as fast as you can!” I was ready. I was ready to give everything I had to that race, and I was ready to never swim fast again. Sure, I loved swimming. After all, I stuck with it for 13 years. But I was also tired and ready to move on. I was 22. My swimming ability had peaked…right? ...

Shared Suffering...



By Susan Lacke (triathlete.com)


Indoor group rides in winter = PR in spring.

Outside, the sky is dark, the weather is dreary, and the roads are not at all rideable. But for thousands of riders each year, their best training happens in these weeks. Thanks to the growing trend of indoor group rides, more cyclists than ever are breaking through training plateaus in the off-season. These bring-your-own bike rides at shops and club headquartersfeaturing stationary trainers, upbeat music, lots of sweating, and the occasional bout of smack talkprovide a more appealing alternative to setting up a solitary pain cave in the basement....

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