Flying to Races Doesn't Have to Suck...



By Matt Dixon (tiathlete.com)


Long gone are the days when flying was fun! Or so we’re told by those who remember the days of in-flight meals and sharp-dressed passengers. Today, flying is downright unpleasant. For athletes, getting from city to city can cause huge disruptions to workout schedules, recovery, sleeping, and eating schedules not to mention suffering through flight delays and cramped conditions.

From choosing flight times to dealing with delays, reducing swelling and flight fatigue, Matt Dixon’s book Fast-Track Triathlete offers two dozen smart ways athletes can ensure that air travel impacts them less. Here are eight travel tips for athletes to make your next flight more “Meh.” and less, “Argh!”

Maintaining Nutrition and Hydration

Make it your mission to be appropriately fed, hydrated, rested, and as limber as possible. However, you don’t want to consume too many calories. Going into a flight even a little bit hungry or semi-fasting is preferable to eating heavy foods like a burger and fries or fish and chips at the airport....

Super Simple Half IM Training Plan...



ED. Minnesota has several great half IMs--Liberty, Chisago, Superior Tri and the resurrected Square Lake Half. You don't have to leave the state to get your long course fix. We hope that your 2018 schedule includes at least one of the aforemention races.


Matt Fitzgerald provides a simple-to-follow 16 week training plan for the half Ironman distance.


By Matt Fitzgerald (triathlete.com)


Variety is overrated in triathlon training. It’s certainly important, but coaches often make it out to be more important than repetition when the opposite is true. There are only a handful of workout types that you need to include in your training program. You can practice these basic types of workouts in all kinds of different ways, and doing so may make the training process more interesting for you, but there is no particular physiological advantage of complex training compared to basic training....

Gratitude, Sadness & Optimism...



THANKS - To KEVIN O'CONNOR for 15 years of tireless work that made Minnesota's multisport scene one of the best, if not THE best, in the US. We hope he trains hard and races often in 2018. If he does, he'll once again assert himself as one of our country's very best masters. He's won national awards before, and we hope new ones are in his immediate future.


THANKS - Thanks UNCLE RANDY (photo L - Randy Fulton and Smokey) for all you've done over almost two decades for our multisport community. Though you will not be producing races, you will be serving races as a timer. We're glad that your smile and joyful spirit will remain part of the scene.


THANKS - To JUDI and VICKI for taking over Uncle's Randy's great races. It's good to know that Oakdale, Du, New Bri Tri, St. Paul Tri, Square Lake 70.3 & Sprint and Fall Classic Du are not going away.


THANKS - To the porducers of the ELYSIAN TRIATHLON for scheduling their 2018 race--the 30-somethingth--on July 7, which is smack-dab in the middle that gaping two-week hole in the middle of our tri calendar....

Fear Facing....



By Mike Buenting (mikebuenting.wordpress.com)


Take on your Fears with passion and desire!

We all have things we are afraid of. Nobody likes to fail either, we all like to do what we are good at our strengths. But we all have things we aspire to do and want to pursue but fear typically stands in the way and holds us back. What we need to do is ask ourselves what scares us most about that thing? And then get into the right mindset and be dedicated and diligent about following through on what we set out to accomplish. We can’t make excuses and we can’t quit.

2018 is a new year for me, one where I am doing just this; taking on a challenge and working on a weakness. Swimming, I have been competing in Triathlon for over 12 years now from sprint distance to full Ironman distance and everything in between. But for all these years the swim has been that daunting Achilles heal to me. I come from a running back ground and don’t have a swim back ground. Sure I can swim and use to play in lakes and water ski and all that jazz in my younger days but I was never a “lap swimmer” someone who was focused on swimming for fitness. So when I...

Gaby & Wade...



Last week we said that two Minnesota multisport athletes deserve USAT recognition. We were talking about GABY BUNTEN and WADE CRUSER.

Here's why:

GABY - USAT is like "American Idol" and "The Voice." Song choice will make-or-break a singer on those TV shows, and race choice is what cuts it for USAT. Having an amazing regional resume with wins against national level athletes isn't enough. One has to excel in a handful of hand-picked races, e.g. USAT championships, Worlds, Ironman or 70.3 and a few high-profile Olympic races, like St. Anthony's and those produced by Life Time Fitness.  Never mind that, say, Superior Tri had a top end women's field in 2016 that rivaled ANY non-championship 70.3, or that the men's field at Capitol City in 2015 was comparable to Nationals. 

Gaby won TWO high-profile national races--Lifet Time - Minneapolis & Life Time - South Beach--in 2017, plus cracking the Top 5 at Nationals, which puts her in an elite sorority alongside Heather Lendway and Cathy Yndestad, Minnesota women who have cracked the Top 5 at our country's most competitive race. Adding luster to her resume was the fact that she beat Missouri's Danielle Dingman, who appears destined to earn a USAT TOY HM as well as being named US Duathlete of the Year, at Minneapolis. (Danielle has recently procured her pro license.)...

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