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By Jeff Gilmer (Facebook)


Duathlon Nationals Race Report - It has been a long 10 months since I was hit by a pickup truck while cycling last June. Today (Saturday) was my first chance to race again since the accident. It has taken alot of patience and training to get back to just being able to participate.


I had the chance to compete in the USAT Duathlon National Championships today in South Carolina against the best athletes in the country.

I have to admit I was nervous and a little unsure of how the day would go, but as the day went on, the smile on my face grew even with the pouring rain and cold wind. I was having fun again.

Tonight we went to the awards. This year I moved up an age group for the World Championship qualifier and finished 4th....

Stuff You Shouldn't Say to a Triathlete...


By Lisa Dolbear (ironman.com)


Oh, October. That wonderful time of the year when most triathletes begin the off season and take some time to rest and do something other than swim, bike or run. Chances are, your arms and legs aren’t the only things that are tired—if you’ve been on the multisport scene for any length of time, you’re also likely tired of hearing the peanut gallery chime in with some of these common questions and declarations. Here's how to respond. Just remember to be nice.


1. "All you ever do is work out, don't you have a life?"

Why yes, I do. Nothing makes me MORE alive than bringing back childhood through swimming, biking and running while enhancing them with the competitive spirit.


2. "I could do a tri, I just don't have the time."

News flash: We don't have the time either, but we've found a way to carve it out of our busy lives because that's what you do when you commit to something important to you. Thirty-five year old mother of two, part-time MBA student, community volunteer, fitness instructor and full-time marketing professional Darcy DiBiase is no stranger to busy schedules. She’s also no stranger to triathlon. "I learned how to own my world at 5:30 a.m., and use the time before everyone else’s day started to do things for myself," the three-time Iron Girl finisher says. "And time is only one of the resources I needed to be successful—I’ve also found the right people along the way to keep me motivated and committed to my goals."  ...

Mitchell's 2017 Report Card...


ED. The MTN Guys are big fans of Mitchell Clayton, a fine young man from an awesome family who also happened to win the Minnesota Junior of the Year award in 2015. We are also big fans of his tri blog. Over the next few weeks we'll be sharing three of his posts, starting with his reflections on his 2017 season. Enjoy.


By Mitchell Clayton (mitchellclaytontriblog.wordpress.com)

(Posted October 14, 2017)

It’s about time I evaluate this past season, it’s mid-October for Pete’s sake! The 2017 multisport season was different than all of my other past seasons, in both positive and negative ways. So, I think I will just give some holistic and general reflections and then give race-specific reflections…

  • I started training A LOT later than I would have liked to.  School was very busy for me all last year, and this took away nearly all the time that I would have liked to devote to swimming, biking, and running.  I started my planned, structured, and actually legitimate training on June 4th.
  • Because I started training late, I didn’t start racing until July 8th.  In a typical season, I would have had 4 races or so under my belt heading into July....

Making Aquabike a "Thing"...


Over burrito bowls at Qdoba in Brooklyn Center, Heart of the Lakes race director Jeff Holmberg, a truly cool guy who met golf legend Gary Player once (photo), and another guy discussed the state of triathlon in Minnesota. More specifically, they talked about declining enrollment at races and what can be done to revitalize the scene. Both were heartened that most, if not all, of our state's race directors are discussing this and want to do whatever is necessary to rebuild the sport.

Jeff and the guy discussed:

  • The good work that Greg Dummer and Laura Swartz are doing with their new Facebook page: Tri It Up North (Check it out, if you haven't done so already!)

  • The cost of producing events vs. the cost of participation.

  • The effect of long distance emphasis on sprint and Olympic enrollments.

  • The athlete's responsibility to introduce others to the lifestyle.

  • Minnesota's dedicated Ironman participants, the group who train exclusively for and participate in 140.6s, all of which are staged outside of Minnesota.

  • The behavior of “new” triathletes, who appear to race less often than their veteran peers, and are more likely to have a recreational approach to the sport, rather than adopting it as a lifestyle.

  • Getting those who race infrequently to add a race or two to their schedules.

  • The apparent imbalance between the arrival of new triathletes—those that have come to the sport in the last 5-6 years—and the exit of older ones....

Travel Advice From a Smart Guy...


By Matt Dixon (usatriathlon.org)


Long gone are the days when flying was fun!

Or so we’re told by those who remember the days of in-flight meals and sharp-dressed passengers. Today, flying is downright unpleasant. For athletes, getting from city to city can cause huge disruptions to workout schedules, recovery, sleeping and eating schedules not to mention suffering through flight delays and cramped conditions.

From choosing flight times to dealing with delays, reducing swelling and flight fatigue, Matt Dixon’s book "Fast-Track Triathlete" offers two dozen smart ways athletes can ensure that air travel impacts them less. Here are eight travel tips for athletes to make your next flight more “Meh” and less, “Argh!”

Maintaining Nutrition and Hydration

Make it your mission to be appropriately fed, hydrated, rested, and as limber as possible. However, you don’t want to consume too many calories. Going into a flight even a little bit hungry or semi-fasting is preferable to eating heavy foods like a burger and fries or fish and chips at the airport....

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