Did You Know That There is a Rapper Named "Loon?"

The 2010 Loon Lake Triathlon was staged in or near the community of Lake Crystal which has, according to its website,

Prelude to Race Coverage...

MTN's Darin Wieneke (photo) will be posting a Trinona race report later today. Moments ago he sent us this cool, capitol-free, terse and borderline-pithy e-mail:

darini am still waiting for alex hoooke's email.  you do not have it by chance
do you?

trinona was very nice. the park is great and very scenic. one of the
better parks that i have seen with a close transition area. good food.
bbq pork sandwiches. the big hill is a challenge.

A Manitou Does Not Have Antlers...

manitouDo you know what "Manitou" means? Neither did we, though we incorrectly assumed it had antlers, until we googled the word. The scary image displayed here IS NOT the Manitou for which the popular triathlon was named. But it does make us want to rent the movie. The un-frightening definition comes from Algonquin culture. A totally cool old Native American deal referring to the interconnection of spirits and balances in nature. That kind of mystical/philosophical stuff.

Here's the Wikipedia LINK

Observations about the 21st Manitou Triathlon, a totally spirited event:

* The event hosted Youth Elite, Junior Elite and Elite Development athletes from all over the U.S. The youngsters put on

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SUNDAY HEADLINES...Serious Racing..

manitou* Devon & Cathy Do It Again at Manitou! Winning Ways Continue for Parish. Rookies Rock! MANITOU XXI WAS A SERIOUSLY COOL RACE! (Way to Go Nicole P & Dr. Josh!) Stories and Photos on Monday...RESULTS

Self Doubt & Canine Cleanliness...

dogBy David Thompson

Even after 6 years as a professional and 60 career wins, I still have my doubts sometimes about my ability. Going into the Rev 3 race (June 6), I was uncertain if I would be able to produce a good result with such a quality field...READ

(Photo: DKT giving his dog Henry, who has a totally cool Mohawk!, a bath. Contrary to the title of this post, this picture has nothing to do with anything.)