How Pammy Spent Her Spring Break...


Pam Nielsen placed 10th at Ironman St. George last April. Here are two totally cool pictures of the Kona-bound Minnesotan. On the next page is a great shot of Minnesota triathlete (and MTN advertiser) Laura Samsell Hoffman...

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It's A Person!

keaton* It's 11:17 AM on Thursday, June 17 and 2008 Minnesota Rookie of the Year/2009 Most Improved Kortney Haag is in the process of delivering her 2nd child....Ouch! But so totally cool! We'll keep you posted..

* At 5:54 PM Kortney told us via e-mail that the baby, who is either a boy or a girl, weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces and was 20 inches long.

* At about 6:20 PM she sent a photo and reported that he had boy parts and has been given the totally cool name, Keaton. Mother and son are doing fine. Owen, Kort's first-born, is with gramma and Derek is on his fifth Margarita.

Congrats, Haags!

Triathlon Deluxe With Fries...

In addition to being a tremendous multisport athlete, Scott Penticoff is a totally cool guy. And burgerhonest and trustworthy, too, in case those qualities aren't covered by his total coolness.

Scott claims that Newt's--A Local Tradition Since 1980!--serves the best burger in the whole goshdarn state of Minnesota, not just Rochester, where it is located.

We trust Scott and plan to meet him and whoever else chooses to join us at Newt's after this Sunday's RochesterFest Triathlon. NEWT'S WEBSITE. Everybody's invited! Scott plans to get "The Works" burger: 3/4 pound of of beef with everything on it and a full pound of fries. We're thinking of getting "Todd's Burger," which includes several strips..

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The Art of De-Casting...

By Bonnie Platre

castMost people acquire sponsorships via impressive podium finishes, amazing splits, and breaking course records. Me?

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Massey Ferguson in the Transition Area...


The 7th edition of the Lake Minnetonka Triathlon will be staged this Saturday in Excelsior. Named the 2009 Triathletes Choice Favorite Race of the Year, this event has it all. A great venue. An elephantine transition area. Great courses. Great atmosphere...

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