Dani, Dani, Hanna....


Photo - Two Danis & a Hanna.


IRONMAN 70.3 WISCONSIN - On May 30 we predicted that Minnesota athletes, especially women, would rock socks at Wisconsin 70.3 in Madison. We are happy to report that we were right!

Though we know little about course difficulty and weather conditions for yesterday's race, we are thrilled with the results data. Minnesota women (including honorary Minnesotan Dani Fischer) swept the podium and claimed five of the Top 8 spots.

1. DANI VSETECKA (31, Rochester - photo) - 4:45:48 - Dani is undefeated in three starts this season. This was her third half IM victory.

2. DANI FISCHER (29, Indianapolis - Honorary Minnesotan - grew up in Rochester) - 4:45:57

3. HANNA GRINAKER (28, St. Paul) - 4:46:44 - This is Hanna's 2nd podium finish in three half IM starts....

Hydration Essentials...

33048529-woman-triathlon-ironman-athlete-cyclist-cycling-drinking-on-white-background-Stock-Photo.pngBy Deanna Pomfret (usatriathlon.org)

Your muscles are about 70-75 percent water. Water helps your body regulate temperature and supply oxygen to your muscles (water is the main component of blood). Water helps you keep stress levels in check and it helps maximize recovery. If you come to a workout even slightly dehydrated, it can impact your energy, performance and recovery. You can only live a few days without water as opposed to a few weeks without food. If you are ever in an emergency, the first thing a medic or nurse is trained to do is hook you up to an IV to keep you hydrated. Water is essential to life.

Here’s how to determine your daily needs, how to adjust for activity and what you need to know about water quality.

Daily Needs

 * Water: Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. That’s pretty simple. So for a 140 pound person that’s 70 ounces per day. This covers your basic hydration needs without other factors such as activity, extreme weather or how you are dressed....

Exercise-Induced Headaches Are Real...


ED. Tough day at Liberty. Weather was totally uncooperative. Still, Kort picked up her 8th career half IM victory. David Holden won Liberty Olympic for the 3rd time. More words on Tuesday. RESULTS


By Jordan D, Metzl, M.D. (triathlete.com)

Ever get a sudden, intense, throbbing headache, on both sides of your head, during or after a workout or race? You’re not crazy—exercise really can cause some monster cranial pain. Here’s everything you need to know about exercise-induced headaches, and how to prevent them.


There are two kinds of exercise headaches, primary and secondary. One is painful but ultimately harmless. The other can be scary. No one is sure what causes primary exercise-induced headaches, which makes them frustrating. They most commonly come on after running, weight lifting or another hard, strenuous activity. Hot weather and training at a high altitude may contribute, and poor hydration could factor in as well. Determining the true cause of these headaches is sketchy because they seem so individual, but dilated blood vessels in and around your brain could contribute. This type of headache comes and goes and is treated like most headaches....

Right Sometimes. Wrong Sometimes...


On Monday, May 29, we made some predictions regarding the Pigman Sprint on June 4. Were we right about anything? Let's find out.


- PREDICTION #1 - Heather Lendway (photo below) would win, lower her women's course record and win the The Equalizer bonus.

- WHAT HAPPENED - Heather did win (career W #29), but did not lower the CR or take home the bonus. It was a very hot day, thus not a lot of records went  down, EXCEPT the men's mark. Jake Rhyner somehow managed to shoot down DKT's race best, actually breaking 1-hour for the first time in race history. Rhyner's herculean effort rightfully effort earned him the bonus.


- PREDICTION #2 - We predicted that Kris Spoth (photo) and Missouri's Kevin Denny would be the Top Two finishers, in either order, in the amateur race. ...

Liberty Preve - Part II...

lovaasbuttshot1.pngLIBERTY XIV - Last Thursday we posted the Top 10 fastest men's and women's times in the thirteen-year history of the Liberty Half. Today we do the same for the Liberty Olympic Triathlon, which will celebrate its fourteenth anniversary on June 10.


1. KEVIN O'CONNOR - 1:52:46 (2013)

2. DAVID HOLDEN - 1:53:32 (2012)

3. ANDY SCHIESL - 1:54:52 (2012)

4. SCOTT PENTICOFF - 1:55:36 (2012)

5. JUSTIN MANNING (SD) - 1:55:58 (2013)

6. BRETT LOVAAS - 1:56:34 (2009) (photo L)

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