Everyone Should Do This...

Not a race report, a “spectator report”


By Nikki Dostert Sudberry


NEW BRI TRI SPECTATOR REPORT - New Bri Tri brought many Minnesotans out of hibernation last Sunday.  The sprint distance triathlon attracted new and seasoned athletes to Long Lake beach where the wind was the talk of the morning.

I used to race every chance I could and now that I have nailed down my race schedule for the 2018 season I am making it my mission to spectate and support athletes when I’m not racing. And you know what? Everyone should try to do it.  I love to be able to empathize and relate to the athletes about the course, about the weather, about nervousness. 

Bringing my camera to the races (I’m not a photographer by trade… but a radiographer. So I take pictures INSIDE of the body.  I know, CREEPY AF but we are talking triathlons here) Anyway, bringing my camera to the races allows me to capture what we have all felt before, during and after our race. Nervous laughs, double- triple checking transition areas, serious faces, worried faces, pee faces.  ok, lets be honest, “pee face” doesn’t happen in triathlon; everyone pees in their wet suits!  (you can tell if your spectating a triathlon, duathlon or running event by the line to the port-john… triathlon lines are shorter for a reason…jussayin) ...

"...We Are Building Character Here..."


By Marc Sontowski


New Bri Tri race report- Vulgar language may appear, if you are offended I guess I don’t care. Also enjoy all the grammar flaws :) 

I was originally signed up for Buffalo, and well, no need to speak on that’s so here we are. I am overly excited for this race, because if you know me, you know I love to race. I don’t have a spare weekend in sight that I’m not doing some type of race.

I show up at the ass crack of dawn because that the type of person I am, not because I need to make sure I get all the pre ride, run, and swim in before transition closes, but because I just like being early to things. My pops always told me that being late to something is one of the most disrespectful things you can do in any circumstance. I guess I took that a little too serious as I was there about 5:55 and apparently the park wasn’t supposed to open until 6:30. 

As those who raced know, it was a little bit on the windy side, but wind builds character. I find out the swim is a time trial start, I still don’t know if I’m for or against it, I guess I really don’t give a shit either way. The swim was fantastic, the water temp was ideal, some waves and wind, but again we are building character here....

Mr. Minnesota, Schnoodles & Pasta Kristina...



GOING OFF-COURSE!  - The 15th edition of the popular LAKE MINNETONKA TRIATHLON is coming up, so we thought it would be cool to go off-course with the LMT's awesome race director ROSS ROGNEY. Here's a bunch of fun stuff you may not have known about him: 


- Age 54

- Hometown -  Excelsior (I live in the home I was born in).

- Education - doctorate in chiropractic 

- Occupation - I have a chiropractic clinic in Excelsior.

- Dream Job - I'm doing it,  or a fishing guild - Bush pilot .

- Former Jobs - I have done a lot of bad jobs Bouncer, tarred roads, roofer, promoter.

- Family - Wife Tina, daughter Sophia, son Noah.

- Pets - I have the best dog in the world. Rosy, a white Shnoodle, and a gold fish (that won't die) Steve-o

- Tattoos? Decorative Mutilations? - Just scars my right leg is a mess....


Epic Head-to-Heads on Tap at Liberty Half...



LIBERTY HALF IM XIV - We are very excited about this year's Liberty Half, in large part because 2016 Ms. Everything, HANNA GRINAKER, is returning to serious racing after an abbreviated 2017 season. Her aptitude at all tri distances is stratospheric. She's capable of rocking sub-2:10s--she has two actual 2:10s on her scorecard already!--in Olympic races, and 4:30s, perhaps high 4-:20s, at 70.3.

Of her eleven previous multisport races, three have been halves. Her first such effort was here at Liberty, where she finished 2nd in 4:47 despite having ridden long. Her second half produced a 4th place finish against a stellar cast of veteran long course elites. Her time was 4:41. Her other 70.3 was at Madison last year, where in ghastly weather, she placed 3rd in 4:46 behind former pro / Ironman Wisconsin record-setter DANI FISCHER, and Rochester's brilliant DANI VSETECKA, whose victory earned her the Performance of the Year award.

Can Hanna win Liberty's women's title on Saturday? Sure, but she'll have to outperform our state's all-time winningest female 70.3 racer: KORTNEY HAAG. Kort has won this race twice, and owns the women's CR, a brisk 4:35:45....

Liberty Olympic Turns 15...Updated...



LIBERTY OLYMPIC TRIATHLON XV - Next Saturday, the Liberty Tris will celebrate their 7th anniversary at the Lake Rebecca venue. For those who don't recall, or who have come to the multisport lifestyle in the last decade, the orginal Liberty races were staged at Baker Park.

The LIberty experience features a long course (half IM) and an Olympic event. Let's discuss the Olympic race today.

The men's competition this year will feature three past champions, including race record holder KEVIN O'CONNOR, who has won this event three times. 

Then there's DAVID HOLDEN (photo L), who has also won this race thricely. Who will prevail in the O'Connor / Holden match-up next Saturday? KO had beaten David on this course in their last confrontation, which was back in 2013. He also finished ahead of him in their last head-to-head, which was at Lake Waconia in 2016. Based on this, we give O'Connor the advantage next weekend.

But then there's 2017 Master of the Year, a guy who has won more MMAs than any of his male peers, MATTHEW PAYNE. A two-time LIbery winner, albeit in the half, where he owns the two fastest times in race history, Matt has amassed 50 career wins in his first decade of racing. One doesn't bet against a guy like that....

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