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By Brad Stuhlberg & Steve Magness (outsideonline.com)

Michael Joyner, a physician and researcher at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minneapolis, is one of the most productive humans alive. Joyner, an expert on physiology and human performance, has published more than 350 scientific articles, was recently named the distinguished investigator at the Mayo Clinic, and was awarded a grant through the Fulbright Scholar Program. In addition to his research, Joyner, an anesthesiologist by trade, sees patients regularly and is a mentor to countless up-and-comers, informally running what he calls “my own version of a Montessori school.” He writes for Sports Illustrated and is frequently cited as an expert in other leading publications. Joyner, who’s 58 and married with young kids, is also still a dedicated athlete himself, completing near-daily 60-to-75-minute workouts....

Reality Vs. Realty....


By Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Puerto Rico 70.3 Race Report - I was fortunate to have met an awesome tri couple back at Silverman 70.3 that relocated to Puerto Rico and offered me a home stay for the race.  I put PR on my calendar back in December but life happens.  Three weeks before the race I happened to check out houses on the market in the neighborhood and came across an unusual property that more than peaked my interest.  It was on one of the blocks I’ve always dreamed of living on.  I quick shared the images with Patrick and before we knew it we were emailing the realty company to get a showing.  In the next week, we had some showings, made an offer and came to an agreement.  Suddenly we were buying a new home, something we hadn’t planned on for about five years, so we had two weeks to get my house on the market.  The next two weeks looked like this: go to work, come home for workouts, then work on the house for a few hours until bed.  I got sick almost immediately and it was more than exhausting, but the...

2017 LMT Preview...

jordan_LMT.pngLAKE MINNETONKA TRIATHLON PREVIEW - This annual classic is celebrating its 14th anniversary next Saturday. General registration closed last week, but there still might be a one or two charity spots available.

We doubt that any state in America has as many outstanding triathlon venues as Minnesota, and Lake Minnetonka boasts one of the very best.

It's lovely venue on the shore of its namesake is not all that this event has to offer, though. Unique and abundant amenities, small town pride vibe and trophies the size of Shetland ponies that take two hands to lift are some of the other things. And what other race features both craft beer and rum?

LMT has a proud competitive history, so here are some of our predictions for next weekend's race:

- Defending champ CHRISTINA ROBERTS is our pick to win the women's competition, though she will be pushed hard by relentless sophomore triathlete, MAGGIE WEISS.

- ANGELA KIDD is our pick to round out the women's podium.

- JORDAN ROBY (photo) had a breakout season in 2016, starting with his podium finish at Lake Minnetonka. We're picking him to place 2nd on Saturday, one spot better than last year.

- BROOKS GROSSINGER has won this event five consecutive times, starting in 2012. He has this race totally dialed in, and we think that muscle memory will supplement his talent, and he will win for the 6th straight time.

- We're anxious to witness the battle for the 45-49W title. JODY QUESNELL, 49, is fit and ready to take on ANN SNUGGERUD, 49, who has three divisional wins at this race....

"The Bike Course is World Class..."

flex_girls.pngED. Here is the Winona Daily News' great coverage of last Sunday's Trinona Olympic & Sprint Triathlons. Enjoy. 


By John Casper Jr. (Winonadailynews.com)

Up until about 2:45 a.m. Sunday, Daniel Bretscher wasn’t sure if he would be jumping into Lake Winona with the rest of the Trinona 2017 participants.
It wasn’t until he checked on his wife, due in about two weeks with the couple’s first child — a boy — to make sure the false contractions she had recently hadn’t turned into the real thing. He then hopped in his car, made the two-hour trek from his home in Northfield, Minn., then went out and held off Sean Harrington to win the international premier division in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 21 seconds. Harrington, from Santa Barbara, Calif., was 16 seconds back in 1:59:37.
“I’m really glad it worked out for me,” said Bretscher, 34, a professional triathlete who grew up in Indiana and has lived in Minnesota for only about 1½ years. “It almost didn’t happen. Being first-time parents, we think every false contraction is the real thing. Last night she wasn’t feeling great. I was planning to come down last night and stay in a hotel, so I canceled that.
“I woke up at 2:45, checked on her and she was OK, left the house at 3, got here at 5.”
At about 8:45 a.m. he was the first across the finish line near the Lake Park Bandshell. He was running on about three hours of sleep — good practice for what’s to come in a couple weeks — and not only does he get to take home a check and a trophy, but he’ll a heck of a story to tell his son someday....

Notes From Last Weekend....


LIBERTY TRIATHLON - It is hard to imagine a more difficult day for racing. Last Saturday had it all: Heat, Humidity & Wind. Especially wind, which made for the toughest swimming conditions that we've seen here in Minnesota in years, if not decades. In both the thirteen-year-old half IM, and its older (14) silbling Olympic, "performance" goals were tossed out, and "survival" was the new theme. Get to the finish line somehow, then give yourself a well-earned pat on the back for doing so.

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