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Quicksand Death, Chicken Hats & Frog Kissing...

kissMuddy Buddy Stuff - By Bonnie Froschkussen

If you've ever been caught in a rip-tide or an undertow, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about....

Two Sundays ago my friend Matt and I decided to go to Afton Alps to do some mountain biking to shake up our tri training. We were pretty impressed with the size of the mountain biking enthusiast crowd- somewhere in the neighborhood of 900 people were sporting bikes. As we headed toward one of the trail heads we also noticed that half the people there were wearing some sort of Halloween costume to include large objects taped to the top of their helmets such as chickens and boats. A very odd crowd indeed... I heard my name being called out from the midst of a throng of mountain bikers at the base of a trail and so I waded into the crowd to find some friends within the huddle. They seemed a bit..

Finding Hidden Victories...

proposalGraniteman Events co-founder/co-director Bill Corcoran is a great guy. And a pretty darn good triathlete, too. In the un-photoshopped pic here he is proposing to the totally beautiful Heather, who could barely hear her fiance-to-be's gaspy words--Bill had just finished the Square Lake Half--because she was listening to AC/DC ("Highway to Hell") on her iPod. Bill and Heather are now blissfully married. Bill submitted this wonderful story:

MTN - Here is my race recap from the Baxter race as well as a little flavor and history about the struggle prior to and during the race. Keep in mind, I am not a writer, so feel free to scrap the whole thing as necessary. Thanks! - Bill Corcoran

Since 2004, I have had the pleasure of using this great sport we call triathlon to heal both my outer and inner wounds. After going through a tough divorce, triathlon gave me a healthy way to deal with the ever so difficult challenges that life brought me. The long workouts gave me time to pray,..

Sam & Brooke Win...

brookeWith their victories this morning at the 8th annual Lakes Country Triathlon, totally cool people Sam Janicki and Brooke Larsen "officialized" their titles logoas Tri-Minnesota Series Overall Champions for 2010.

For Janicki, the win was his fifth in nine starts this season; for Larsen (photo), her fourth in eight appearances. Brooke also won the series crown in 2009.

Finishing 2nd today, just 38 seconds behind Brooke was 45-year-old Christel Kippenhan, who is also an amazingly cool person,..

A Bazillion Storylines...

claireMaple Grove Triathlon - Twas an event with as many cool storylines as it had volunteers, which according to rookie race directors Lindsey (not "Lindsay") and logoJeannette and volunteer coordinator Alex, probably short for Alexis or Alexandra, were "Bazillions." Here are a few:

* Novitiate pros Devon Palmer and Cathy Yndestad won the Olympic Race. For Devon, it was career victory number 9; for CY, number 46!

* Extreme handsome Robert Brown eeked out a four-second sprint victory over tenacious former pro and current elite master Jim Graif, pronounced "Grife." It was Brown's second win of the 2010 season...

Cuts & Scrapes & Barbecue...

bikerKingswood Race Coverage - By Steph Alcivar

This is the 3rd year of the Kingswood triathlon. The course is a .5 mile swim, 10-ish mile mountain bike, and 4 mile trail run through Camp Kingswood in Minnetrista, MN. My husband Tom and I went out a week before the race to pre-ride the course, and we were scared at what we saw. It is private land, and therefore the trails aren't open to the public to ride, and "break-it-in." So we were clearing downed trees, attempting futilely (is that a word?) to avoid attacks from the sticker burrs and stinging nettles in the way of the path, and walking our bikes through many unrideable sections. It was 90 degrees on this day, and we came across Paul Harcey, director of Camp Kingswood, working feverishly on the trail in a puddle of his own sweat. We...

Hippos, Numb Tips & The Space/Time Thing...

poolsteveMore Race Coverage - In an effort to feature as many voices as possible on this site, we ask athletes to write about their racing experiences. Our reason for this is simple: Numb Tips!


Numb fingertips. A function of being forced to tap out too much of the site's editorial ourselves.

Sometimes no one answers the call and we tap our tips--not every finger, mind you, we are primitive hunters-and-peckers--into insensate insentientosity.

And sometimes everyone submits stuff, which we love. That's why you are about to read the 3rd--count 'em!--Young Life Triathlon race report. Joining Sam Janicki and Dr. Christel Kippenhan, whose..

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