Recovery Happens

chest-xrays(Art: Chest X-Rays: "A" belongs to a normal guy. "B" belongs to a guy with pneumonia. Photo: Bonnie drinking coffee through her ear. Don't try this at home! Drawing - A woman who looks like Bonnie, only totally different, doing sick-in-bed stuff.)

Making a Comeback Without Making a Scene...

By Bonnie Vivify

If there's one thing I should be good at it's making a come-back to training. In fact, I should be a pro at it by now, unfortunately. As I continue to progressively heal from my lung infection, the Pulmonary Specialists are allowing me to ease into training. First let me point out that these specialists are so busy doing specialistic type things that it was necessary to explain to them what a triathlon consisted of: "Nope, there isn't any jump roping or hog tying involved, it's just swim/bike/run... No, you do the three events back to back, not over the course of the summer.... Yes, people die.... No I have not yet seen someone die in the swim and I hope that I never do... Yes, we are all crazy."

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Professional Hoodwinker...

(WARNING: Most of what you are about to read is pure gibberish.)

(Photo's - Marta looking very hot; Marta & her dad wearing hats; A "Marta" dining room; A "Marta" study.)

Have you ever looked at model homes?

Sure, you have. It was fun, wasn't it?

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Nailing the Marathon

(Paul Phillips / Competive Image Photo: Jan Guenther running to victory at Ironman Wisconsin last September.)

Triathlete Magazine Senior Editor Matt Fitzgerald discusses how to run a strong marathon in iron-distance races.

The marathon is where Ironman dreams die. It is very difficult to run a strong marathon after riding 112 hard miles. In fact, it's seldom done. READ

Falls DU Off to a Great Start

Race Director Mark Bongers couldn't have been happier. The turnout (150+) at the inauguralFalls Duathlon exceeded his expectations and post-race feedback was, as he put it, "phenomenal!" Ahtletes were especially effusive about the scenic Cannon Falls venue. This was music to Bonger's ears. "I'm very excited about the future of this event," he beamed.

The race consisted of a two mile run followed by a 14 mile bike segment and finishes with a 3 mile run. Red Wing's prolific Jesse Nelson, who was coming off a top 3 effort at the Winter Be Gone Duathlon the prior weekend, posted a 25 second win over second-placing Ian Lanza of Rochester. World Class Sports Podiatrist Troy Vargas, who resides in Hudson, WI, took 3rd.

The women's competition was won by 20-year-old Gracia Folkeringa of Minneapolis.Michelle Schlesser and Lauren Milne, also of Minneapolis, grabbed the other two podium spots.

(Photo by Erik Hull: Smooth-striding Falls Du champ Jesse Nelson)


Minnesota's 2008 All Americans

Minnesota Tri News congratulates the Minnesotans triathletes and duathletes who earned USA Triathlon All American honors in 2008. Todd Firebaugh, Marlo McGaver, Julie Hull, Jeanne Fleck, Becky Youngberg made both lists.

Tri Men: Devon Palmer, Patrick Parish, Michael Williams, Dennis Dane, Marc Ellingson, Eric Hendrickson, Eric Ellingson, Anton Pschon, Andy Newman, Curt Wood, Dan Arlandson, Brett Lovaas, Matt Payne, Steve Sander, Kevin O'Connor, Scott Penticoff, Mark Carey, Carl Unger, Todd King, Brian Bich (#2-40-44), Rhett Bonner, Doug Davis, Rich Heilman, Nathaniel Tollefson, Mo Mouw, Todd Firebaugh, Pete Guidinger, Dave Dow. Honorable Mention: Scott Ross, Terry Alexander, Jason Bates, Anthony Hirschman, Josh Blankenheim, Gary Bork, Duane Millslagle, William Schmitt, Mark Lawrence, Ted Patton, David Goldberg, Dan Friendrich, Rick Campins, Jey Carlson, Richard Hoover, Joe Langel, Paul Krumrich, Jim Guenter, Mario Minelli, Ananda Bates.

Du Men: Todd Firebaugh, Brendon O'Flanagan. Honorable Mention: Joe McGaver, Lucas Pedersen.

Tri Women: Kate McCann, Kortney Haag, Robyn Wangberg, Cathy Yndestad (#2- 30-34), Becky Youngberg, Jenny Wilcox, Julie Hull, Marlo McGaver, Susan Williams, Jeanne Fleck, Sarah Mercer, Sue Rubens, Jan Guenther, Amy Samples, Barb Beutler, Jeanne Minder. Honorable Mention: Brook Mutzenberger, Jennifer Imsande, Erika Binger, Merilee Sander, Amy Klosterman, Suzann Mouw.

Du Women: Cynthia Brockman (#3-40-44), Jeanne Fleck (#4-40-44), Marlo Crosby-McGaver (#1-35-39), Julie Hull (#2 - 35-39), Jenny Wilcox, Becky Youngberg, Sarah Kolpin (#2 -25-29), Ann Moyer (#3- 25-29). Honorable Mention: Ann Rhea, Robin Tedlund, Susan Burton.

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