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Iron Nikki...


By Nikki Dostert Sudberry

Today (Tuesday) while I was at the gym I received a “congratulations “ on a race that I completed 7 weeks ago. After talking for a bit about some upcoming running races it was said repeatedly that I was a.) an Iron Girl and b.) an Iron woman....


It’s true, I am an Iron Girl as it was my first race I had ever signed up for 9 years ago. The distances were a 2 mile run, 22 mile bike and a 2 mile run. It was hard and it was awesome and the support of other women were fantastic- so much so that I decided to do it for 3 years in a row.


Now some odd years later I decided to tackle Ironman. Nope, I’m not a man. Not a boy. I’m not even GOOD, but for close to a year I have trained with men and women, on a men’s bike for a race that I do not receive a handicap for being a woman. It took me longer to train for that race than it did for me to grow a human in my body:). When race day came we all had to swim, bike and run the same distance, in the same weather on the same course. And it just so happens I did better than some men. 

I am an Ironman. 

Sometimes people don’t know what to say? “Does she want to have the word ‘man’ as part of her race achievement?”

And yes, it’s ok. I signed up for that race knowing that my finishers hat and medal would say this:) If a woman achieved her Master’s degree you wouldn’t change it and say “Mistress degree” would you? To make it sound feminine?


For anyone who decided to take on something big in life. You did it. Earn that title and keep kicking ass. 

Ironman Puerto Rico, I’ll see you in 4 months.

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