Race Previews

Great Race Shaping Up in Baxter...


LAKES COUNTRY TRIATHLON - The 23rd edition of this fine event is happening next Sunday and close to 200 athletes are expected to accept the sprint course challenge. Cindy Ransom is the new race director and brings new eneregy to the race....

Based on a list we saw two weeks ago, we were pleased to see that the Age Group races will be competitive, and some of the divisional records could fall if the weather cooperates.

The race for the top overall spots featured some talented folks, but we fully expect to see some late registrants set the pace. For instance, defending men's and women's champs JOSH BLANKENHEIM and SARA CARLSON were not among the earlier enrollees but we'd be surprised if they didn't toe-the-line on race day.

We also think that rising star  BEN WELCH, winner of two sprint races this year, will follow his Duluth buddies to Baxter. We'd also be surprised if DAVID LEWIS, last year's 2nd placer, didn't show up.


Earlier registrants that will be ompetitive, either overall or in the AGs include:

- MATA AGRE, 30 - A top 5 finisher here in 2021, Mata is coming off an impressive 2nd-place at Northwoods.

- JACQUELYN BACIGALUPI - A three-time LCT winner, she placed 2nd last year behind Carlson.

- JASON CRISP - Also a 2nd-placer here in 2021, Jason is coming off a runner-up effort at Brewhouse Olympic.

- MARY DEEG, 61 - A former Divisional record holder here, Mary placed 6th overall at LCT in 2021. Her chief concern should be LISA HINES, 61, who won her AG in a 5th place overall women's finish in 2019.

- JEFF GILMER, 63 - Jeff own's the 60-64M record here and should be favored to win his AG on Sunday.

- ROD RAYMOND, 57 - Rod owns the men's 55-59M record and has been racing lights-out for the last two seasons. 

- NOLAN SNYDER, 13 - A youngster with a bright future in triathlon if he chooses to pursue the sport. At this point in time, he looks like the 19-&-under frontrunner but we'd be surprised if SEAN PICKLE, 18, an apparent shoo-in for a Junior of the Year nomination, didn't decide to race.

- SPENCER SYVERTSON, 27 - Spence is making his LCT debut on Sunday and has the talent to make the overall men's podium.

You can still get in, folks. Link HERE for race and registration information.