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2023 Sprint Nationals Comments...


SPRINT NATIONALS PREVIEW - We are anxious to see how some one-on-one battles turn out this year. In the boys junior competition, 2022 JOY NOAH BILLINGS  wiill be taking on another talented Noah, NOAH MAHONEY. Billings is an avid racer, thus has the experiential advantage... 

We are anxious to see who wins the battle between two-time Junior of the Year BELLA BUENTING, now 20, and 2022 JOY GRACE BUSCH. Buenting and Busch are two of the best teen triathletes Minnesota has ever produced, now it's time to see how they fare, not only against each other, but the entire women's field

Another AG battle that interests us is between 60-64s CHUCK HENGEL and CRAIG PETERSON. We haven't seen Craig in a while so we hope is is healthy and ready to rock in MIlwaukee. Hengel on the other hand, races often and wins his division regularly.


HENRY JESSEN, 27, will be going for another Top 10 ovarall finish. Milwaukee is his "A" race, so we're sure he'll be ready to meet or exceed what he's accomplished here in the past.

TIM BONTRAGER is a good sprinter, as he proved at Door County recently. Anxious t see if there is a Top 15 spot for in the overall standings for him.


We are predicting AG podium results for THAD INGERSOLL, 53, and TIM BROWN, 65, who could win the 65-69, and our fingers are crossed concerning LUKE HARNED, 70. He may turn a few heads next weekend.

For the women, we will keep our eyes on MACY IYER, 19, CHANTAL NACK, 26, DIANE HANKEE, 46, CLEO FERRIS, 52 (photo), MARY DEEG, 62, MEGAN WEBSTER, 69, and, of course, PAM STEVENS, 70. They should easily earn Team USA berths.


Finally, ELENA HENGEL is Top 10 material, and we're pulling hard for her to make good on that.