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Olympic Nationals Predictions...



Minnesota Women - Here are the Minnesota women we believe will distinguish themselves in the overall results at Olympic Nationals in Milwaukee next weekend:

ELENA HENGEL, 27 (photo L) - Elena has one win and three 2nds this season, and all three runner-up efforts were behind Heather Lendway, who goes into Nationals as a favorite to win or podium. We think Elena, who has made her mark regionally over the last two seasons, will hold her own against the best in the US. We believe a Top 10-15 overall finish for her is possible.

HEATHER LENDWAY, 39 - Heather won back-to-back National Championships in 2013 and 2014, both in MIlwaukee. Her times--2:05:06 and 2:05:37--are not only the fastest women's clockings in the five years that Milwaukee has hosted Nationals, but are most likely the fastest times for women at any Nationals in this Millennium (with former Olympian Susan Williams' 2:06:02 in 2011 a close second.). Can Heather win her third title? Of course she can, but a conservative prediction would be a Top 3.

MAGGIE SWANSON, 28 - Maggie is certainly capable of cracking the women's' overall Top 10 if she is healthy, but she has been out for most of the 2023 season. We are anxious to see how she fares...

As for the Minnesota women competing in the AG races, we have high hopes for CATHERINE LEE (45-49), CHRISTEL KIPPENHAN and AMY WOOLSEY (55-59W), MARY DEEG (60-64) and PAM STEVENS (70-74).

Minnesota Men - Here are some MInnesota men we expect to rock out at Milwaukee Olympic Nationals: airhenry.png

 STUARY GILDEA, 24 - Transpanted Iowan, Stuart was our state's Most Improved Male Triathlete in 2022. A consistent sub-2-hour Olympic performer, Gildea has a shot at the overall Top 10.


HENRY JESSEN, 27 (photo R) - Henry has done his best racing at Milwaukee Nationals. Let's assume that will continue. He's been in the overall Top 10 in both the Olympic (7th in 2022) and Sprint (7th in 2021) races and we'd love to see that trend continue. He's certainly talented enough to make that happen.

JAKE KEEHAN, 35 - Jake is a wild card. A very fast triathlete who races infrequently. Last year twelve men bettered two hours, and Jake is definitely a sub-2-hour guy. 


Other Minnesota men who could battle for Top 15-20  finishes include BRAD WOODFORD and TIM BONTRAGER.

Minnesota men we expect to be competitive in their repective AGs are MIKE BUENTING (45-49), THAD INGERSOLL (50-54), and TIM BROWN and JEFF GILMER (65-69).

ED. Stay tuned for our Sprint Nationals comments and oredictions.