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Minnesotans Should Excel in Des Moines...


Minnesota will be well-represented at next Sunday's DES MOINES 70.3. Several of those athletes have a good shot a reaching  podiums and earling coveted Kona slots. And Minneapolis couple TED and DANI TRIESE will measure themselves against a world class pro field.

It's going to be an exciting race. Here are some comments.

TED TREISE - PR - 4:07:33 (2021 St. George 70.3) & DANI TREISE - PR - 4:23:56 (2019 Texas 70.3). It takes new pros several years become competitive. In the early going, their goals need to include throwing down satisfying splits and outperforming the fastest amateurs. We believe Ted and Dani will do that on Sunday....

RACHEL ZILINSKAS, 27 - 4:41:04 (2021 St. George 70.3) - Rachel was Top amateur at St. George. She's got what it takes do it again.

JOE ADRIEANS, 34 - 4:13:26 (2017 Chisago) - We'd love to see Joe return to the form he exhibited in 2017 and 2018. If he can, he could crack the overall Top 10 in the men's amateur competition.

CHRISTINA ROBERTS, 35 - 4:37:05 (2017 Superior Man) - We see Christina making her AG's podium. We would be surprised is she didn't crack the overall amateur women's Top 5.


KORTNEY HAAG, 42 (top photo) - 4:32:52 (2019 Chisago / age 40) - Kort can definitely win her AG, and like Christina and Rachel rock an overall Top 5.

BECKY YOUNGBERG, 47 - 4:37:04 (2018 Chisago) - Like Kort, we see Becky winning her AG. And it would be super cool if four Minnesota women  finished in the overall women's amateur Top 5. It could happen. 

JULIA WEISBECKER, 55 - 4:56:54 (2013 Liberty / age  47) / 5:08:18 (2019 Augusta 70.3) & AMY WOOLSEY, 55 - 5:10:16 (2018 Chisago) - The women's 55-59 AG at Des Moines could have two Minnesotans on its podium. How cool would that be!


Other talented Minnesotans we will be watching very closely include 70.3 virgin KRISTINA SWENSON, 2020 Most Improved honoree AJ MANNING, Buffalo Olympic runner-up KATIE DEREGNIER, two-time Master of the Year nominee MIKE BUENTING, Apple runner-up ANDY ZABEL, elite 50+ THAD INGERSOLL, and former Rochesterarian JOANNA HALL, as well as current residents of that fine city, PETER SOMERS and BRAD MITCHELL (photo R). 


So you know, though there are lots more Minnesotans in the Des Moines lineup, the event's participant list does not include states, so we could only highlight those whose names we recognized.