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"I'm Fine"....


By Hanna Grinaker(thefitspace.com)

I was chatting with a friend of mine a couple weeks back about my nerves leading into Kona. As a coach, he offered some invaluable advice--"Why don't you write yourself a letter?" He suggested I start to question what I would tell myself to do when negative thoughts start to intrude (cause they almost always do for everyone), and how I would coach myself to respond. In thinking of myself as the athlete I was coaching, rather than just the voice inside my own mind, I became more compassionate, calm and clear, giving me the peace and reassurance I know I needed. 

Dear Hanna, 

You've made it! It's the Ironman World Championships. An event you have looked forward to for over an entire year. That's a long time to be focused on something. I know you're nervous. How could you not be for something you have put so much of your time, energy and resources into? I also know you are worried. You are anxious. You are worried about feeling dizzy (sometimes this has happened to you and we haven't figured out why). You are worried about getting body slammed in the swim and losing your focus. You are worried about mechanical issues and wind on the bike, and finally, you are worried about staying focused and consistent (and not fading too badly) on the run, or even not finishing for that matter. With a 9 and a half hour day in front of you, these concerns are valid, but giving them weight and energy doesn't help you either. ....


One of your favorite athletes, Courtney Dauwalter, has this awesome saying she repeats, when she feels good or bad, "I'm fine." You will do that during your race too. When you feel good and you want to push harder, you will say, "I'm fine." When you feel horrible and question why you are doing this...begging your body to stop, to concede, you will push on. You will tell yourself "I'm fine," because you are. There is nothing you cannot do, if you will yourself strong enough to do it. And you've proven that to yourself time and time again. How many times during workouts this past summer did you want to stop? I would say that happened a lot. But you focused on the next 5 minutes, on the music you were listening to, on the idea that your coach would be looking at your numbers, and you kept on. And it wasn't so bad. Nothing really has ever been as bad as you think it might be in the moment.  READ MORE

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