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Weekend Mini-Previews - Sunday, August 11, 2019



Yesterday we posted mini-previews of this weekend's Saturday events. Today, we do likewise with the Sunday races.


GREEN LAKE TRATHLON - This Spicer event is one of the most fun, laid back triathlons on the Minnesota calendar. It is also one of the most scenic events, and the post-race amenities are awesome. Enrollment is up this year, despite its crowded date. This is a good thing.

And you can still get in.

Everyone needs to do this race, and once they have, they'll keep it on their annual calendar.  RACE WEBSITE...



WINGMAN - Starting a new decade of racing on Sunday, Wingman is an inimate event and is held in one of Minnesota's great small cities: Red Wing. Going for the event, then staying for an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing makes for an awesome day. Think about it!  RACE WEBSITE


YWCA WOMEN'S TRIATHLON - The finest event of its kind in the entire U.S., this 12-year-old women's-only experience is special on every level. It is a true celebration of female empowerment, health and fitness, and loving life here in Minnesota.

It has won the Triathletes Choice Race of the Year on multiple occasions.

Unsurprisingly, the event, with its enrollment ceiling of 1400+, has filled. Cool, huh?

CHRISTINA ROBERTS has won this race in each of the last four years, but she will not be on hand this year. So then, who will win on Sunday? Based on past performances here,  JENNIFER FITZHARRIS-FUNK, who is racing brilliantly this year, and three-time Minnesota Master of the Year CHERYL ZITUR are good bets to claim podium spots. One of them might win, though, there are a couple of wild cards to consider. MEGHAN MASON has been flying under the radar, and this could be her breakout. Then there's Rookie of the Year co-frontrunner PAIGE SCHULZ, who has already demonstrated long distance star power. Can she rock a fast sprint? We're sure she can.

We think JFF and Paige will duke-it-out fo the Top Step.

Also, 40 junior girls are enrolled. With Nationals on the same weekend, many of our state's most recognized teens will be in Cleveland. This means that a heretofore unknown junior, or two, or many, will step up and make a name for herself, or themselves.



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