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Morris Tinman Preview - Part I...


MORRIS TINMAN PREVIEW - In 2018, the MTN Guys encouraged Minnesota's tri and du athletes to attend in-state races that they have never done before, and especially rural events. The goal, of course, is to keep those events on the calendar, and to demonstrate that rural races are really awesome and deserve to be supported. Fantastic examples of terrific small-town events are Heart of the Lakes, Timberman, Northwoods and Green Lake.

Rural races that are a long drive from Minnesota's population centers are typically doomed to have rather small turnouts. While this is understandable, these races don't have to be too small, do they?.  It is our goal to convince folks from The Cities, Duluth, Rochester, St. Cloud et al to add more "road trip" or "motel" races to their schedules.

Kicking off Minnesota's 2019 outdoor multisport season is the MORRIS TINMAN, which will celebrate it's 35th anniversary on Saturday, May 11.


We Wikipedia-ed the small city of Morris and learned that it is a totally cool town with about 5,500 people, a great college, which is the site of the race, several very affordable motels (LINK), good restaurants (and bars), including a place called Mi Mexican, that has received a plethora of awesome reviews.

So, for those who might consider doing this "road trip/motel" ("Destination") event, here are some mileage estimates from Minnesota's larger cities to Morris:





FYI - This is our first of two Tinman previews. In our next related post, we will talk about the competitive history of the race and the athletes we think will be leading the way next weekend.





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