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WEEKEND PREVIEWS - Not including USAT AG Nationals, Minnesota multisporters have five triathlons to choose from this weekend, the largest of which is Sunday's YWCA WOMEN'S TRI, which has drawn 1700ish participants for its 10th anniversary celebration. The race is full, though a small number of "Charity Bibs" may still be available (RACE WEBSITE)....



The oldest event of the weekend is the NORTH MANKATO TRI, which is celebrating it's 20th edition next Sunday. We've reached out to their timers, hoping to get a peek at the registration list. If we hear from them, we will post some predictions.


A total of 600ish participants will be split between Saturday's NORTHWOODS TRIATHLON, where BROOKS GROSSINGER is hoping to post his 14th (!) win, and Sunday's GREEN LAKE races.

At Northwoods, Brooks will face his stiffest competition to date, as JORDAN ROBY is on the 2018 start list. Roby has come out on top in two of his last three confrontations with Grossinger. Both men are coming off wins; Jordan at Turtleman; Brooks at Waseca. 

We are predicting that MATA AGRE will claim her third straight women's title in Nevis. The race has been full for months, but folks are encouraged to attend as spectators or volunteers. (Races can never have too many volunteers.) WEBSITE


Approximately half of the aforementioned 600ish participants will be in Spicer for the 15th annual GREEN LAKE OLYMPIC and SPRINT triathlons. We are predicting a women's CR (and Masters record) in the Olympic race, courtesy of BECKY YOUNGBERG, who has returned to multisport racing after a six-year layoff. She is not only picking up where she left off, she is arguably faster than ever, and should garner a truckload of MMA nominations at the end of the season.

Yes, we predict that four-time GL Olympic champ SHEENA DAUER will finish in the silver medal position.

WADE CRUSER is coming off a record-setting effort at Brewhouse, and we believe that MARCUS STROMBERG's long-standing event record is in serious jeopardy. 


If ANDY ZABEL opts to compete in the Sprint race, we think he'll collect his 2nd tri win of the season. JEN NEUMAN, owner of two wins and four other podiums here, is our prohibitive pick to win the women's Sprint. The woman who could upend her, however, is Illinois-ian KARAH OSTERBERG, who won the Waseca Sprint last Saturday. 

Visit the GL WEBSITE to see if registration is still open.


The other Minnesota tri slated for this weekend is Sunday's WINGMAN, a 10-year-old sprint staged in the gorgeous river city of Red Wing. Our goal at MTN is to evetually attend EVERY Minnesota multisport event. We invite the athletes of our state to also adopt that goal. RACE WEBSITE





0 #4 Kevin Oconnor 2018-08-10 15:11
Wade, I feel bad breaking the news to you but your(our) wonderful mom already has claimed me. I'm going to the family reunion after the race to meet the rest of the crew. Andrea Myers said she is tired of doing the hard work for the men(at work and at the races) and not getting the credit so she isn't going to Green Lake to pull you through the swim the way she unwhittingly did at Brewhouse. Josh may have have helped influence her decision. You could get someone else to help you try to win. Deanna could run for you?? It's not too late to change the challenge; we could arm wrestle. Something you would actually beat me at.
0 #3 Wade Cruser 2018-08-10 00:25
Kevin, you are right. I can not hang with you in the water, but since I’ve started swimming with my helmet and cycling shoes on I’ve cut an enormous amount of time in transition. So by the time you get your socks and shoes on and start click- clacking your way to the mount line there I’ll be poorly executing a fly mount and riding away. Look at the bright side, I’ll be so far ahead that I’ll have a beer waiting for you at the finish line. P.S. My mom was wondering if she can claim you as her son now???
0 #2 Kevin Oconnor 2018-08-09 17:47
When did Green Lake cancel the swim?? That is the only way Wade will be ahead of me the whole race. If anyone is available to come cheer on Wade he will need it. His Mom, Rose, is not attending any more races of his after he lost to me at Waconia. You can't blame the lady. Right now Patrick, Josh, Sean, and Joe are all snickering, along with me, at Wade's confidence. See you Sunday my friend! Unlike at Waconia, I'm actually gonna try at Green Lake!

ED. Game on!
0 #1 Wade Cruser 2018-08-09 15:15
Word on the street is that Kevin O’Connor, semi-profession al Multisport athlete, full time horse manure collector, will also be racing the Green Lake OLY. Without question he will set a new masters record and also have a great view of my back for an hour and 40 ish minutes.

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