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New Bri Preview II - Predictions...


NEW BRI TRI PREVIEW II - Who will be the stars of next Sunday's New Bri Tri? 

Before we speculate, we'll tell you that historically the winners at this race have been late sign-ups. We don't really expect that trend to change, especially this weekend. With Buffalo on hold for this year, we suspect that late registration will be brisk and interesting.


But let's pretend that the list that Judi shared with us on Tuesday will tell the tale of the 13th edition of this sprint race.

So, let's start with the youngsters. Who will set the pace in the junior category? We think that BELLA BUENTING, 15, and JACK HENNEN, 17, will write the new teen records. (This year's course is billed as new and improved.) Both of these athletes have been in the JOY discussion in seasons' past, and this might be the year they actually receive nominations.

What about the Masters?

The over-40 categories are loaded with talent this year, especially the women. Here, in alpha, are some of the contenders for Top Master on Sunday:


JEN NEUMAN, 48 - Jen has won eleven races since turning  40. To win the 45-49W AG, she'll need to outrace Lisa Wacek. These women haven't faced each other in a long time, so we are unable to compare head-to-head battles from the past. Lisa excelled at New Bri in 2015, placing 2nd  overall. Still, Neuman's career scorecard, in our opinion, gives her a slight edge. Should be a great battle

SARA RONDORF, 40 - Sara could win the race outright, and we are predicting a Top 3 overall placement for her. The woman who could keep her off the Top Step is Youngberg, who despite her absence from the scene for more than half a decade, has the creds. It's risky, but we're picking her to win because we assume that she's racing on Sunday because she's READY. FYI, our pick to fight with Rondorf over the silver medal spot is KATHERINE JOHNSON, 30. She's one of those athletes who fall into the category of "unheralded, but not undeserving."

LAURA SWARTZ, 51 - Laura is awesome. Definite Top 5 and 50-54W winner. She may even sneak onto the podium. She's done it before.

BECKY YOUNGBERG, 43 - Our pick to win the women's competition.

LISA WACEK, 47 - We're anxious to see how she fares agains Jen Neuman.

As for the men aged 40-and-over, it appears that MIKE BUENTING, 43, and EMMANUELE DARNE, 46, will duke-it-out for male masters supremacy. Like Wacek and Neuman, these athetes haven't faced each other in a while. Because Darne has podiumed here in 2017, and placed 5th in 2015, we give him the "muscle memory" edge.

As for the guy we think will win the race outright, we're picking JOSH MORK, 35, who we believe is a rising star on the regional scene.Josh was four-for-four in regional podium finishes last year, including one victory. 

His closest challenger on Sunday? We predict that it will be another guy who is definietely on the rise: DAVID KOPPEL.

Our picks should not be taken too seriously. They are designed to stimulate interest and conversation. RACE WEBSITE


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