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36th APPLE DUATHLON PREVIEW -  The Apple Du, turning 36 on May 26, is our state's oldest ongoing multisport event, and is widelly recognized as arguably the most competitive non-National-Championship run-bike-run in the US. We sometimes worry that this reputation may scare away potential entrants, especially those who have a recreational relationship with the sport, and those competitive athletes who are not in peak form this early in the season. These folks need to know that Apple is for everyone. It is first and foremost a celebration of healthy lifestyles, and the high quality of life we enjoy as Minnesotan tri-and-du-athletes.

Sure, MTN likes to focus much of its editorial on the competitive aspects of the sport, and we will be posting such a preview in the coming days. Today, though, we are focusing on this year's age group (AG) event. Because we enjoy progosticating, we are going to share our picks to win the non-open-class (Open Class = 20-39) AGs next Saturday in Sartell. These picks are based on the May 17 registration list on Apple's website. We fully expect an influx of talented age groupers since then, which will adjust the selections. For instance, if Derek Hager were to register late, as he did in 2017, he would be our new pick to win the 55-59M division....


Know that we are never married to our selections. We post them because they are fun to do, and because we hope to start some conversations. We want folks to get excited about the upcoming season.

We are certainly fired-up about it.


Here are our tentative AG picks:


0019 - Andrew Novak & Emily Herdering


40-44 - Brooks Grossinger & Andrea Myers

45-49 - Kevin O'Connor & Cheri Bates (photo)


50-54 - Rob Madgwick & Amy Woolsey

55-59 - Andy Clark & Judy Murray


60-64 - Mark Lovelace & Michel Sanders

65-69 - Mike Flynn & Pam Stevens


70-74 - Robert Kranz & Nancy Bauer

75-79 - Daryl Stevens


Registration has closed.  Two-hundred and ninety-one athletes have enrolled.

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