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RACE PREVIEW - The 2018 outdoor multisport season gets underway next Saturday. There are two races, the MORRIS TINMAN, which is over 30 years old and is our state's annual tri kickoff, and the 10th edition of the popular FALLS DUATHLON. In that MTN's central goal for 2018 is to help stimulate race attendance, hopefully helping to restore our racing scene to its former glory, we strongly encourage everyone, regardless of your current fitness level, to participate in one of these two events.

Today we are previewing the Falls Du, a truly outstanding race. Early registration numbers are very encouraging, suggesting that with a healthy sign-up between now and race day (There IS race day registration!), FD X will have 300+ athletes on its starting line.

We got a peek at the reg. list last week and we're heartened to learn that 81 duathlon newbies are enrolled, which is slightly more that one-third of the current field. We don't know how many of these folks are rookie multisporters, or are triathletes who are giving du a try for the first time. In any case, these numbers are awesome and we hope they portend increased numbers for all of our state's multisport events....


Many of the du-bies (du newbies) explained why they chose to do the Falls Du. Here are a few comments:


NICOLE A.  - "To try something new." OUR REPLY: Nicole - You're going to have a blast! You'll get totally hooked. So make sure to recommend the tri/du lifestyle to your friends.

JEROME B. - "I lost a Bet." OUR REPLY: You're going to be glad you did, Jerome!

BONNIE T.- "Working my way up to an Ironman." OUR REPLY:  Good for you, Bonnie!

TORY B.  - "For exercise and socializing." OUR REPLY:  Those are the two best reasons, Tory. We hope you make a lot of new friends on Saturday. Don't be shy. You'll be among peers.

LAURA K. - "Preparation for triathlon." OUR REPLY: We're glad you chose Falls!

KRISTIN H. - "Set a goal. Stick to it. Create time for myself." OUR REPLY: Wow! Great answer.

JAMES V. - "My older brother dipped out to go on a cruise." OUR REPLY: You'll have more fun than he will.


Here are a couple of cool comments from du veterans:

ELIZABETH E. - "Turned 60 and bought a new bike."

KERRI H. "To force me to get my fat ass off the couch and back to working out."









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