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Poison Picking & Beer Selfies...

By Kris Swarthout
Celebrating it's 3rd year as not only the USA Triathlon Winter National Championships, but also as an official Saint Paul Winter Carnival event, the King Boreas Winter Triathlon continues to raise the multisport bar in Minnesota.  The KBWT not only hosts some of the best summer and winter triathletes from across the nation, but it also provides a fun and supportive atmosphere for those who are just looking to participate.  Last year athletes from as far away as Dallas, Texas took home National Championship awards and this years field will only get deeper.  
So what makes this event so unique and fun?  First off, the simple fact that it is an official Saint Paul Winter Carnival event adds decades of winter tradition to this up and coming event. Carnival chooses it’s winter events carefully and ensures that they uphold the traditions and values of Saint Paul and Carnival collectively.  Held in historic Lake Phalen park, the race starts out with a 5k trail run around the lake presented by Run’n Fun.  Athletes will then transition for 3 laps of a 3.6 mile bike loop presented by NOW Bikes and Fitness.  The bike loop consists of a few technical sections, but for the most part the trail is groomed and wide.  The final leg is a 7k ski around the Phalen golf ... course, presented by Finn Sisu.  The ski course has some rolling hills and is groomed for skate skiing.  Don’t know how to ski and don’t want to learn, well lucky for you there is a Run/Bike/Run duathlon option this year!  Pick your poison and get at it!  If you need some equipment, look no farther than the course sponsors for rental or purchase options for the race.
Be sure to not skip the after party/awards ceremony at Insight Brewery.  Home of one of the Twin Cities most decorated craft breweries, athletes will celebrate and frolic in the brewery loft area, the perfect spot for an iconic “beer selfie” or just a simple hang out.  Missing this race and this party would be a grave mistake on your part.  For info, link HERE. Register today!  
Kris Swarthout


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