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See that really skinny limb up there? That's the one. We're going to climb out onto it.

It's time to make some really bold out-on-a-limb predictions about the women's race at Sunday's Gear West Duathlon. As always, we're doing this for chuckles and fully expect to be wrong.

Our Top 5...

1. Jenny Wilcox - Total darkhorse, eh? Not when you consider that Jenny is totally-out-of-her-mind fast right now. Her course record-crushing wins at Cinco Du Mayo and Oakdale make her, in our aspartame addled minds, the one to beat.

2. Cathy Yndestad - The 2009 USAT Athlete of the Year and winner of the last two editions of this event is altering her focus this year, concentrating on Ironman Wisconsin and the wonderfully insane Leadville 100-Mile MTB race. Can she still win? Of course! She's Cathy!

3. Julie Hull - If Julie races like she did at Falls Du (CR!), she could win on Sunday.

4. Marlo McGaver - She appears to be off her game right now--she's posted sub-Marlo-ish efforts at Desert Classic (AZ) and Oakdale--which is why we have her in the 4th position. We'd love to see her return to form this weekend. Prove us wrong, Marlo! Please!

5. Suzie Finger (photo)- The 2009 Rookie of the Year just missed earning a spot on Team Minnesota last season. She'll have no trouble making the squad this year. She's healthy and riding like a banshee right now, which is why we place her ahead of the purportedly dinged Jeanne Fleck.

Chase pack: Jeanne Fleck, Jan Guenther, Tara Croteau, Cathy Lee, Ann Snuggerud, Greta Simpson.

AG Faves:

* 00-19 - Gabbie Keller

* 40-44 - Ann Snuggerud

* 45-49 - Jeanne Fleck

* 50-54 - Jan Guenther

* 55-59 - Pam Stevens

This is going to be one super race!