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Marcus & Katie...


Photo - Marcus Duval and his wife and another woman.


Square Lake Sprint Coverage - We have yet to gloat about predictions that come true, specifically about athletes predicted to win their first race.

Today, though, we will abort that policy. In our Square Lake Sprint preview, we predicted that KATIE KADERA would win the first race of her multi career. She had been a triathlete for several years, but seemed to, at age 35, be finally breaking through. Well, Katie did in fact win Sunday's race. More impressive were her solid splits across the board. And more impressive than that was that she came out on top by outswimming and out-transitioning her eventual runner-up ERIN WEILER, who was coming off a win at the YWCA Women's Triathlon.

Weiler had to outrun Rapid City, South Dakota's MANDI MEREDITH to earn the silver. The eventual margin between Erin and Mandi was only 18-seconds. Mandi came into the race with at least one 2023 win to her credit (Southern Hills Tri)....

The men's Sprint was dominated by professional cyclist / occasional triathlete MARCUS DUVAL, doing most of the damage as expected in the saddle. Usual suspects, that is, those expected to compete for podium spots, SEAN PICKLE and STEVE STENZEL did earn the next two spots in front of RYAN COLLISON and NATHAN STRUDLE.

This year's race, it's 23rd edition, had 212 finishers.  RESULTS