Race Coverage

Something You Don't See at Most Races...



By Doobie Kurus

Moose Lake Race Report - A couple of years ago, I had an idea. "Wouldn't it be cool if I extended an invitation to past participants of the Hopkins Royal and 4WOMEN Triathlons to join me in a small town triathlon?" The thought being to get some familiar faces together to socialize and compete, while making a noticable increase to a smaller size race's registration numbers. Well after doing Moose Lake Triathlon (for the first time) last year, I decided that it might make a good option to try it out. For those that don't know, the Moose Lake Tri is located a little over 100 miles north of the Twin Cities, the bike course uses a few miles of the Willard Munger Trail, and the rest stop for the run course is next to the Moose Lake Correctional Facility. Got to admit, that's not something that most races can offer.

A few months ago, I reserved some campsites at the Moose Lake Campground, which is adjacent to the transition area for the race. I got a few of our past participants to join me, including Josh Sell of Waconia, and his family. Josh finished 4th overall, which was not surprising as he blew by me on the bike course. Brewhouse Tri race directors, Rod Raymond (the overall winner) and Matt Evans came down with a groups of people to participate. People may recall that Rod officiated over an impromptu wedding for Matt (and his bride Shelly) at last year's Brewhouse Tri. Well, apparently this year, they decided to do the Moose Lake Tri as a part of Rod's bachelor party, as he was getting married the next day on Sunday. Once again, not typically something you see at most races.
doobietent.jpgMy wife, Joyce, and I arrived on Friday night and pitched our tent just a couple of bike lengths from the lake. It was gorgeous! Our campmates, Beth and Chad Claybaugh, had already arrived and pitched their tents. Beth and Chad are track coaches from Lakeville North, and new to triathlons, although you wouldn't have known it from their results. Beth ran 6:19 miles! and Chad ran 6:22 miles! (good for 1st and 2nd place on the run). In talking with them after the race, they mentioned they are part of a group talking about reviving the Lake Marion Tri in Lakeville. YAY! Once yet again, not something you get from newbie triathletes at most races.

As for me, I had a great time. Because I was camping right next to the transition area, I was nice and early for the race. And because I was early...I was asked to help set up (which was clearly posted in the athlete guide about early birds) I started off in the first wave for the swim, and managed 4th out of the water. I should have been 5th, but the woman next to me kept going off course at each buoy only to catch up to me. I got out on the bike and "thought" I was doing well...until I got passed by a handful of people(ok at least 10.) I was coasting to the dismount line, and tried slipping out of my shoes early...only to get a massive calf cramp because I hadn't fully undone my shoe straps enough. OUCH! I got out on the run and made my way out to the correctional facility, I mean water stop. That's when I noticed fellow race director, Matt Evans, not far behind me (and realized he started in the wave behind me to boot.) Great I thought! Another person I invited to do the Moose Lake Tri that is going to beat me. Over the last mile, I had an epiphany moment. I would wait about 2 blocks from the finish line for Matt to catch up to me and then run the rest of the way with him. Little did he know that I would sprint the final 100 yards with my football. My sad devious plan worked! I (almost) felt kind of guilty redeeming my free ice cream and root beer vouchers from my race packet. Something I wished we saw at more races.

Great job to Jamie Nelson and her crew for a fun and well run event. Jamie reported a 30+% increase in registrations this year. I look to be back to do the Moose Lake Tri again next year, and hope others will consider it too. I wonder what little town race I'll invite people to join me for next year? For now, my race season is done, as I get ready for the 4WOMEN Tri (August 28) and Hopkins Royal Tri (Sep 3).