Race Coverage

"Things Are Moving in the Right Direction"...



By Kelli Moretter-Bue

Chisago Sprint Race Report - I am 100% a triathlon nerd. I love this sport and follow it very closely.

Even more than watching it, I love participating in it: training hard, figuring out the nutrition, balancing rest and work are all part of a puzzle that I truly enjoy.

I lost that enjoyment last year. I had trained hard for Ironman CDA and was very fit for the day. Unfortunately, the heat (102!) and my hamstrings had other plans. I ended up with a DNF. Gutting. All the hard work and family sacrifice and balancing work and training for a Did Not Finish.

I then took a few weeks and decided to sign up for Ironman Madison. I didn’t want to waste my fitness and I hoped my hamstring tendons would improve. I raced a 70.3 in August last year and was absolutely miserable the entire time. My body hurt. My mind could not free itself from the misery. When I crossed the finish line I said “I’m done.”

I didn’t do Ironman Madison. In fact, I stopped working out. I needed a break, a big one....

When your body hurts, things that you used to do that brought enjoyment become not only NOT fun, but stressful. Running hurt. Being in aero was near impossible for any length of time. Heck, the hamstring tendons woke me up in the middle of the night any time I moved. My body was screaming at me to stop and my brain finally was 100% in line with my body. I needed a break, body and mind.

I went on a backpacking trip. I got a strength coach. I read a lot of books. I discovered I really love gardening. I had so much fun with my family! I am more than a triathlete. And in realizing that, my mind began to rest and recover. Amazingly, my body finally appears to be following suit. dughterandkelli.png

Last Sunday, I raced the Chisago sprint. I went to the starting line feeling no pressure. I just wanted to have a good workout! My training has been… inconsistent. God bless my coach that has allowed me to move around workouts at a whim or just not do them at all. I am taking this year as a recovery year. I haven’t been doing much of any speed or tempo work on the run. I’ve just been so happy to be running again and not have the tightness after. I am thrilled to be in aero without any pain.

And so the day began. It was a gorgeous morning. I gave it my all. And I won. Most importantly? I had fun and my body had no pain the next day after the effort. I plan on still taking it pretty chill the rest of the year.

Things are moving in the right direction. Excited to see what 2023 will bring! I still have goals and fire in my belly.

Triathlon is a fantastic sport. The people are amazing. I saw so many athletes on Sunday with different reasons for racing but all of us were there to get the best out of ourselves. What is more inspiring than that?

Being with others that are trying to be their best selves is contagious. What’s the saying? You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. I had 200+ people on that beach on Sunday morning that made me better, that brought the best out of me on that day - and for that I am grateful.


Page 2 photo - Kelli and daughter at La Crosse match after the race. The Moretter-Bue girls had a successful day.