Race Coverage

Two Woohoos, a Cowbell & Talking to My Legs...


By Cami Eckhoff

Race day~ Part 2: The Bike

My transition wasn’t the quickest but I wanted to be sure I had everything- sunscreen, chamois cream, chapstick, a bathroom stop, then out I went. The gal helping me in the changing tent was fantastic! So thankful for the volunteers!! She also made sure my wet note from Graham got back in my bag as a keepsake!

The first 40 miles were so much fun! A couple downhills I clocked 38 mph and remember hollering “woohoo!!!”

I took my personal needs bag at mile 56. Refilled my fuel and hydration on my bike, stopped in the porta potty and off I went. I took water and Gatorade at a few aid stations throughout the ride with smooth handoffs from the volunteers.

The sun started to come out midway through, with a blast of heat and more hills to climb. I saw Keith, Josh and Mel and heard the cowbell and cheers at mile 70 which gave me an extra boost. An older gentleman at the top of one of the biggest hills sat in his chair and gave each participant a clap. I thanked him and told him he was in the best spot as that hill was a struggle! ...

Side note: Around mile 75 there was a cameraman who caught me passing a couple people. I didn’t pass many on the bike but I remember this specifically because I thought I was getting flagged for a drafting penalty, (athletes have a certain amount of time in the draft zone and then must pass or back out 3 bike lengths. On the rolling hills it was challenging because we’d come up on each other quickly from the descent and then struggle to get past on the climb!). There were two penalty tents on the course and I learned later that if you were caught drafting you would need to sit out for the allotted time. Thankfully he was only taking pictures but it did cause some worry. I figured it was now out of my control and needed to keep plowing forward. After that, I remember thinking- this just got real hard! Keep on moving legs!

I saw my crew again around mile 90, which helped me finish as strong as a could. It was surreal thinking I would only be biking 20 more miles and then that portion of the day would be over so I soaked it all in as I wound my way through the park!!

I couldn’t have been happier to see the volunteers and hand my bike off with no technical difficulties or flat!! Woohoo!! Grabbed my T2 bag and into the change tent I went!

Finished 112 miles, 4000 ft elevation, 5:43:41

Next up, Marathon time