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"I Grew Three Inches in One Day."...


CHALLENGE MIAMI MIDDLE DISTANE TRIATHLON - DANI TREISE made her pro debet last Friday at Challenge Miami and the MTN Guys couldn't be more proud of her. Here's how she described the experience on Facebook: ...

Huge thanks to @challengefamily and @homesteadmiami for putting on such an amazing race yesterday at Challenge Miami!

It was trial by fire for my first race as a professional. They brought a world-class field and even had fireworks to start us off! 

I had a quick initiation into pro racing right off the bat during the swim start complete with a few elbows to the face and a complete dunking, but eventually found a group to swim with. The bike course brought crazy wind and even crazier technical turns - not exactly my strong suit! But I had a front row seat watching the best in the world whizz by me and took a lot of notes on position and cornering skills.

The run also served as a front row seat watching JODIE STIMPSON take the lead and I was able to climb a few places as I went, including a final pass in the last 1/4 mile that had me sprinting across the finish! With a goal of top 20, I was happy with 16th.


Overall it was an incredible experience and as a wise RUTH BRENNAN MORREY predicted, I grew 3 inches in one day. It was a risk lining up with ladies I know have perfected the craft of triathlon, but if I want to continue to improve, I was right where I needed to be. The best news is, with the first race under the belt, I am excited to take on the the next one with a little more confidence and lessons learned. Onward!

And having the best support crew there with me meant the world.

Thank you Ted Treise, Darlene Vsetecka, and Quentin Vsetecka for the cheers!

PERSPECTIVE - A general goal for newbie pros is to make sure they outrace the fastest amateur. Did Dani do that? Unfortunately, the "middle distance" race that the pros  on Friday did  was not the same distance as th middle distance event amateurs did on Sunday. We're willing to bet that her performance was superior to her amateur peers.

Next, ALL of the women who had faster times were veteran professionals, and many are recognized as "stars," with a handful of superstars thrown in for good measure. Dani was the fastest rookie in the pro field. That's a big deal.

We were excited to learn that Wisconsin's JACKIE HERING placed 3rd overall behind British superstars JODIE STIMPSON and LUCY CHARLES-BARCLAY. Prior to 2011, Jackie's amateur career had much in common with Dani's amateur career. She was a solid 4:23-4:29 half-ironman racer, as was Dani.

After 2011 Hering started paying pro dues, and by 2017 she rightly deserved to be called a long distance star. She now breaks 4:20 with regularity, and has cracked 4:10 at least twice (PR - 4:06:56).

If Dani works hard, stays healthy, and is patient, stardom like that which currently enjoyed by Jackie Hering, should be in her not too distant future.  RESULTS