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Mustaches and Humble Pie...



By Josh Mork (Facebook)


The final look of my 'summer of stache' was the saber tooth tiger.

...it did not gain necessary approval within the household so Kennedy chopped it after a couple days. I'm going to miss the long stares and double takes while out in public.

On Sunday I suited up one last time in 2020 to race Square Lake Sprint triathlon in Stillwater, MN. The race format has changed drastically this year to meet state guidelines around covid (no more mass starts etc) so you no longer know where your ranking is while the race is happening. It's more of a time trial vs head to head race....

Pre-race I recognized David Thompson, a retired a super stud pro from the past. I introduced myself and lined up next to him for the start. Despite him being away from the sport for a few years he quickly shook the rust and stayed with me during the swim and much of the cool and windy bike ride. Then on to the 5k run he easily cruised by going sub 6 min miles while I struggled with a side stitch and ate large serving of humble pie.

Result was second place overall.

The thrill of a race cannot be replicated anywhere else! For that reason I'm very thankful the organizers have jumped through all the necessary covid hoops to make these happen.
Results: https://www.frontrunnerusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/squarelaketrisprintresults-1.txt

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