Race Coverage

Buffalo Within Touching Distance...


By Katy Bloomquist Freytag (Lawyer, triathlete, horselover - still sad that "House" was cancelled)


Wildlife Loop Half IM - Race report.

Swim: air temp around 40... water was in the 50s. Some said 50 some said mid 50s. It didn’t matter either way, it was cold.

I thought I had warmed up as adjusted. Not so. Got a migraine and asthma attack quickly. I was in pain and couldn’t breathe - usually swim is my happy place. It was not today. It was survival....


Bike was gorgeous but tough. 2700 feet of climbing in 31 miles. Passed a buffalo within touching distance , a tad terrifying. Passed sheep. Lots of deer.

Course lived up to its name (wildlifeloop triathlon) and its billing of toughest race/bike.

Run was only 475 feet elevation. Heart rate stayed up with elevation so I was managing the headache and the asthma today.

Proud of myself today. I persevered on a tough course. I happen to win my age group - only 2 in age group as usually no one as old as me signs up for this race - lol .


Addition: The race director and volunteers were wonderful. Huge thanks to them all !

Took this photo (R) yesterday when driving the course but I saw buffalo today (September 12) actually in the road on bike course.


Also thank you to my coach Neil King, who I have learned so much from in such a short time and the headwaters Tri group who have so many rockstars that I am continually inspired to do better.!

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