Race Coverage

No Fees, No Bibs, Self-Timed....


By Jason Larson

Hi MTN Guys - Here's a brief summary of the second triathlon training race we had at Square lake park on Aug 8, 2020. Because of COVID, we decided to put together one last group triathlon.

However, just because it was a popup tri doesn't mean we weren't racing! We had around 17 racers again for this second edition....


The course again used the square lake sprint course so that we would be familiar with the route. It was a typical 600 yard swim, 18 mile bike, and 5k run. Similar to the first edition, we had beginners all the way to tri veterans participating.


Thjasonandfriends.pnge race was all self-timed, and although we did race and there was a winner, this was also more about getting out to multisport events again. Jason Larson won and Craig Schroeder finished in a close second place.

The weather turned out to be nice and everyone had a great time racing, cheering, or helping out. It turned out to be a very successful event.

One of the real highlights was the customized medals. Because this was just a popup race, there were no registration fees nor were there bibs and medals. However the daughter of one of the racers made custom "Square lake tri" engraved medals for each racer! It was a nice touch (See photo). We all wore them after the race.

Another highlight was seeing Melissa Jacobson and her son Gavan racing. Gavan is only 10 years old and was racing his first ever triathlon. He was getting used to the biking and was tired after finishing the full 18 miles. However he got himself ready and set out and completed the run as well. It was great to see him come across the finish line.

Now that organized triathlons are starting up again, hopefully we can compete in those, but these small popups tris were a great way to get together and race again in a relaxed setting.

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