Race Coverage

"I Thanked Every Volunteer"...


By Cathleen McGinnity

GREEN LAKE TRIATHLON RACE REPORT - I raced Green Lake Triathlon Olympic for the first time in 2017. Despite storms and downpour on the bike i really enjoyed the course and small town feel.

 This year I signed up at the last minute as I had been training for IM Madison up until a few weeks ago so body was in good shape to race. I work in the medical field so was concerned about precautions being taken. Careful research about the race precautions and realized this will work. Checked with my coach for advice on how to race all i got was "No watch" "Let it rip". As i am a data freak i was a bit apprehensive i did wear watch but it was only on time and put black tape over bike computer so all i could see was distance/time. I was good and only looked at it once or twice and went by feel.

I live about 3 hours away so packed up gear on Saturday and hit the road for Spicer to spend the night at the INN across the street from transition. Could not ask for a better set up. ...

 Race morning (after some storms) brought us cloudy skies, wind but no rain to start the race. Packet was vacuum sealed and included a sharpie for marking your own race number, face mask and timing chip. I couldn't quite figure out how to make a 4 (race number 344) on my right shoulder with my left hand. Graciously someone helped me out. Transition was well spread out with green tape on bike rack telling up where to rack our bikes. Everyone was wearing face masks and did not see a lot of spectators. After making new friends in transition i headed off to the water for a quick warm up. Swim was short (.25?) and it was a bit choppy. I have not swam short distance in a swim in a long time. I was in and out pretty quick. We were all sent in the water in 5 second intervals. Only 7 women in the Olympic group. Out of the cathleentrans.jpgwater quickly and on to the bike (my favorite part of tri). This course is fast and fairly flat. Bike course had police and intersections to keep us safe. I passed a few bikers than was on my own hitting some good speed. At the turn around went into some wind and looked at the clouds darkening and building. (When i raced this in 2017 it downpoured on the bike; so was not wanting to experience that again. So i put the hammer (as coach instructed) and pushed through to make it back into transition before the rain started.

 Back in transition by this time the dew point was climbing but thank goodness no sun. Run is an out and back with 2 tables that were set up with bottles of water in cooler with ice at 1.5 and 3 mile.. Support riding around making sure everyone was ok. Went out a bit fast on first mile and got that heart rate up to much. Still not very many people on course; spread out well. Fun to watch those coming back from the turn around and how hard they were all working.

 Saw some young ladies pushing it; fun to see. Shortly after i started the run i was grateful for the clouds to open and rain on my sweaty body. By the time i completed the run and returned to transition it was a steady rain. As requested most people left as they finished the race; so not alot of socializing afterwards. I thanked every race volunteer. They are what helped make this happen. On this day i went into this race with no expectations except to have fun and be grateful that i am able to do what i do. Who knows when i will be able to race again. Plans are for IM Madison in 2021 as i deferred. 

 I finished 4 out of 7 women. Not to bad. And first in my AG. HAHA the only one in my AG.

Thank you Green Lake Triathlon and all the volunteers and sponsors. This was a great day I will be back again.

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