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"I Do Not Have Time To Get Bored"....


ED. Christel is a professor at Bemidji State University and a three-time nominee for Minnesota Master of the Year.

By Christel Kippenhan

I'm kind of curious about how my friends are dealing with the current situation.

Living by myself has never bothered me, and it still does not bother me, even if there are days I do not interact face-to-face with anybody.

But, I'm also still working, and I'm still interacting with my students, yet remotely. In addition, preparing my class content for remote delivery is very time-consuming, and I think the last time I worked this many hours in a day or week was when I was working on finishing up my dissertation. So, I do not have time to get bored or missing things I otherwise would do....

However, I fear that once the semester is over a major let down will be waiting for me.
I'm also glad, I still have my triathlon training. It gives me a good start into the day and a good break from sitting in front of the computer all day. I generally do some form of yoga or strength training in the morning and some form of running or biking in the afternoon.

I miss swimming though, and I cannot wait until the ice is off the lake and the water is warm enough to get my feel for the water back.
I am glad that I live in a rural area. Physical distancing during outdoor workouts is easy. And if I meet a neighbor while running, we just chat by staying on opposite sides of the road and "yelling" at each other.


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